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Greetings again evil geeks, are you ready for a villain spotlight featuring a man with one of the most treacherous, diabolical, and admiring smiles and voices of all time?!?! Of course you are! And today I bring you none other than Tim Curry, the man with the most mischievous grin anyone could pull off. Much like I feel like you could add barbecue sauce to any dish to make it a little more palatable, I think you could add a healthy dose of Tim Curry to any film to make it just a little bit more enjoyable, especially for those of us evil mongerers. So continue forward for my tribute to the villain that makes us all swoon in his own way as I spotlight Tim Curry’s career.


I guess in hind sight it is not that surprising that Dr. Frank N. Furter was the first major role that Mr. Curry ever really took on, as how could an amazing mad scientist role like that not open doors for future villains? What was more shocking about that character being one of Tim Curry’s first to me was that he was so amazing in the part, how could it really have been his first major part? I mean, this guy has to have been practicing for this role for years as an actor, right? Not so, which just goes to show that after starring as Frank N. Furter Tim Curry was destined for greatness. We all know he would have been in Syltherin had he gone to Hogwarts.


Let me say a little bit more about Dr. Furter first. If you have not seen the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show you are truly missing out on an important life event. It is a classic musical that takes fun to a whole new level. Tim Curry’s character is not only an incredibly intelligent mad scientist designing a perfect man to be his companion, he is a transvestite with an insatiable sexual appetite. I don’t particularly think of Tim Curry as an attractive man, but there is something about him in this role that can move you in ways you would not have suspected. Now all bizarre fantasies involving Frank N. Furter and Janet aside, let’s continue along the path of this epic man’s career.


Tim Curry starred in another famous musical shortly after Rocky Horror, Annie. I had actually forgotten this until doing some refreshing in to this man’s career, but I instantly recognized his character as the scheming Rooster, sister to the cruel Agatha that runs the orphanage. Rooster and his sister plot to have Rooster pretend to be Annie’s father in order to get a reward with the long term plan of abandoning Annie in an orphanage again. And looking through Curry’s career, I just have to say his characters have some stunning names. Rooster? Wadsworth? Hexxus? Amazing.

Tim Curry really is a legend, so it is not surprising that he starred in a movie called Legend as a villain known as darkness himself, a pseudo-devil incarnate. The horns he sports in this movie alongside Tom Cruise are enormous, and how he keeps that shit-eating grin on his face the whole time is a mystery to me. This monster is one of the best villains in Curry’s career!


And just when you thought that Curry had scared enough children in that role he starred in Steven King’s It as none-other than Pennywise, the clown of all children’s nightmares. Curry was meant for this role, and I think his face as this terrifying clown inspired coulrophobia in many future generations.


In addition to a diabolical smile, Tim Curry has an exceptional voice, and he has used it to his advantage as he dappled in the world of voice acting. I think imagining him as Ebenezer Scrooge is not that difficult. He also became a rather prominent voice on Nickelodeon as he starred on the Rugrats and as the famous Nigel Thornberry of The Wild Thornberrys throughout the years. Other famous villainous voices he has completed include titles such as Sir Evil and The Goblin King- people really know how to properly cast Tim Curry even when you don’t get to see his beautiful face! And his TV filmography is even more voluminous, with a recent stint on Clone Wars as Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious.

One of my favorite on screen roles of Tim Curry was in Earth 2, a little know TV show from the 90’s where he played an escaped convict on a distant alien planet being colonized by human settlers. The show was interesting to say the least, and Curry did nothing but improve it with his sinister plans and treachery.


And lastly I just want to comment that Curry’s phenomenal voice is exemplified in his reading of Peter Pan in Scarlet. This novel was written by Geraldine McCaughrean and was the only allowed sequel to the famous Peter Pan novel. Curry voices the entire novel and does an astonishing job, rivaling Jim Dale for sure. And it is really the villains of the novel that he reads so perfectly you can feel your hand stand on edge as he speaks. If you have not read this book, it is one that I think might be worthwhile listening to instead of reading just for the shear joy of indulging in a healthy dose of Tim Curry.

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