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Star Wars gets the Guardians of the Galaxy Treatment!

Mornin’ Nerds!

Disney's Star Wars
So I was browsing the internet and found this awesome fan trailer for of all movies… Star Wars! To be fair it’s the entire Star Wars trilogy and it’s amazing!

Youtube user The Usual Suspect has given us a comedic take on Star Wars akin to the GotG trailer that dropped a few months ago. So check it out and make sure you’ve got some time to pop on the trilogy…You’re totally gonna want to!

Later Geeks!

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Evil Movie Review: Sunshine

Morning geeks. I whole-heartedly admit that I am a slave to many of the blockbuster movies out there that everyone falls in love with: The Avengers, all the X-Men movies, any epic by Peter Jackson…yes, I enjoy them all quite a lot. But I also try to keep my eye open for some lesser known films that fall in to the genres I enjoy. Which is how I found the movie Sunshine. This science-fiction horror movie was directed by Danny Boyle, who has been involved in many of the movies I love from Slumdog Millionaire to 28 Days Later. So I was excited to check it out: continue forward for a spoiler-laden review from Lilith on this film.


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Heroes of Cosplay: A Review of Episodes 3 and 4 by Undiesofwondy


Welcome back, geeks, to another exciting review of ‘Heroes of Cosplay’! Episodes 3 and 4 each had their fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, fierce competition and hilarious moments. Let’s take a look at Episode 3 first.
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Villain Spotlight: Crowley

It has seriously been far too long. Welcome back you bastards to another edition of your personal favorite look into some of the most vile, evil and lovable villains that capture your black hearts. I, and I haven’t done this enough recently, am Arthur Harkness, and I am bringing with me today a man of many jobs and deals. The King of Hell himself, Crowley; as played by Mark Sheppard, or Canton Everett Motherfucking Delaware III.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts From Jabba’s Palace: the Hutt himself

That’s right folks, we’re still stranded on Tatooine this weekend and why not feature the big cheese himself: Jabba and his kind. This ruthless slug-like alien is a vicious crimelord, and his title “the Hutt” is actually in reference to his species, so let’s learn a little more about these monstrous aliens.

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No One Escapes the Evil Lair: Catching Up With Those Who Dared Enter

viewerHey there, Evil Geeks! In the time that we’ve been around, quite a few folks have passed through the front door of the Evil Lair. Between podcast guests, interviewees, review subjects and guest writers, we’ve played host to an ever growing list of new friends and acquaintances.  Almost 63% of those who’ve entered our sanctum sanctorum have lived to tell the tale and have even gone on to continue working on their passion projects.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the latest works from some of the people who’ve been kind enough to spend some time with us and share their works.

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