Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Open Tree – Legends & Tall Tales #1

We’re back with another Indie Spotlight today as we take a look at the soon to be released Assailant Comics series, Open Tree – Legends & Tall Tales. The author Chris Charlton was the same person who wrote the Black Of Heart series that I enjoyed so I was looking forward to giving this new book a read. Open Tree is an anthology series made up of one shots focusing around love but filtered through strange and fantastic elements. Each issue will be drawn by different artists but Charlton will remain on board as writer throughout.


The first issue, “Freedom Run” takes the guise of a western, which if there’s a gaping hole in my collection it’s that. I love the genre in movies, but I’ve never had much success with western comics. It’s a setting that is undoubtedly appealing to me so I was ready to jump right in. The story centers around a lonesome farmer named Jesse whose father’s recent death left him alone in this world with land he can’t afford and a heavy debt weighing over him. One day while out for a ride he finds a horse whose hoof is tangled up in barbwire. After taking the horse back to his farm to help it recuperate, Jesse is startled to find out that the horse is no longer there. In its place lies a beautiful woman.



The woman, Kasa turns out to be a Native American who possesses the power to transform into a horse. She had been captured and mixed up in a robbery while she was a horse and as retribution she took the money back from her captives and buried it before she met Jesse. The robbers after doing some investigating decide to pay a visit to Jess’s farm. This is a surprisingly touching and heart felt story which helps to ground it despite its mystical properties. Brian Latimer’s art conveys this as well, especially his landscape and open range shots. They are gorgeous and evoke a simple warmth. It was nice to read a one and done story in the world of multi issue story arcs we live in and Charlton did a good job crafting this to a bite size 30 pages. Jess’ narration and dialogue however did feel a little forced to sound authentically southern, but that’s only a small gripe from an otherwise entraining read.


Open Tree is available via Assailant’s website in both digital and print copies on July 9th.

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