Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Sarlacc

Happy weekend Star Wars nerds! Today we are venturing a little bit aways from Jabba’s Palace though staying on the planet of Tatooine. Today we meet a monster that will bring you a thousand deaths over centuries, a creature used for torture and punishment, an alien that should be both feared and revered: The Sarlacc.


 The sarlacc that we all know and love from Star Wars Return of the Jedi sits in the Great Pit of Carkoon. It is a creature that lives in the sand and holds it’s gaping mouth with rows upon rows of sharp inward facing teeth open, just begging for someone to fall in and become it’s next victim. The monster also has many tentacles that can reach out and try to grab in any nearby victims that are not falling prey to the sand dunes that tumble down in to the pit. And some versions of the monster, aka George Lucas’ shitty remake version of ROTJ, also has it sporting a large beak.


 Whether or not the sarlacc is actually an arthropod or a plant/fungi organism is up for debate. I actually can see an argument for both situations: I think the monster resembles a pitcher plant or other carnivorous plant in many ways, being that it is typically stationary and relies on victims falling in to it to be digested. I also think that it reminds me the most of an ant lion, a real-life terrestrial species that I have been fascinated by since I was a kid. If you have not ever heard of this amazing creature, check out this amazing clip of it in ant lion catching and eating an ant.

But that being aside, this creature is quite an interesting monster in its feeding habits. Most of the time these species live on very inhospitable locations and since they rely on people falling in to their mouths to feed, they have developed an elaborate and complicated digestive process. Their stomach secretes neurotoxins that paralyzes the victim, keeping them immobile as they are slowly turned to nutritious goo. And to top that all off, the sarlacc will try to keep their victim alive as long as possible to last as long as possible between feedings, drawing out the digestion process to thousands of years. Sounds like worse torturing than rat-boxing, eh?


I’ll leave you on that wonderful note of torture and cruelty, setting you up for an amazing villainous weekend. Until next time geeks!

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