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ritual promo Good morning, Evil Geeks!!! All too often, we use our Evil powers for personal gain or some good old fashioned, senseless, destruction. Let’s ignore those evil impulses for once and let’s use our power to help get something CREATED for a change.  Since we’re so passionate about comics, why not get a comic book passion project launched?!?!?  Today we’re going to be talking The Zone Continuum by Bruce Zick. With our help, we can help get the latest incarnation of Bruce’s project off the ground and right into our comic loving hearts!

zone-sample1We first encountered the art of Bruce Zick a few weeks back, when I reviewed Mandala from Dark Horse Comics, a book that Bruce was the artist for.  After our review of that book, Bruce reached out to us to ask if we could help spread the word about his Kickstarter campaign to relaunch an old pet project of his. The Zone Continuum first premiered as a black and white comic way back in the 90’s from Caliber Press, home to such characters as The Crow.  The four issue mini-series would then give way to a webseries, which ran for over 100 episodes. After being gone for a few years, Bruce has decided that it’s time to relaunch The Zone Continuum, no thanks to a fervent fan base that kept asking what would be next for the book.  The latest incarnation of the book would be another four issue mini-series; this time in full color!

unnamedThe story of The Zone Continuum focuses on a man named Talon, who’s locked into an ongoing, nightly battle with his arch-nemesis Spere, for control over Zone 27; the very place that Talon calls home.  The world inhabited by Talon and Spere is a harshly treated one, who is now offering up a little payback to mankind for years of bombardment by chemicals, radio waves, and any other junk that’s been tossed into the atmosphere for centuries. After being treated like an unappreciated spouse for so long, the environment is fighting back with deadly consequences.  It seems that human can now only survive in certain zones scattered across the world. If you try to leave the zone for another, you’re immediately killed in a horrific mater. As a result of damage to the planet’s einvironment, the zones are left in a constant state of flux, ever shrinking, growning, rising, sinking,etc.  Imagine if all of a sudden one day, the place you’ve called home for countless years was suddenly deadly to any who enter? That’s the world Talon lives in and if that isn’t bad enough, Talon’s wife, Paris, has been relegated to zone Zone 26, meaning she and Talon can never be together again.  Talon and Paris vow to never stop trying to find a way to be together again, but until that glorious day, at least they have some super cool tech to keep them company, basically grant them superpowers and aide Talon in his battle to control the Zone. Also, since Talon’s home zone is now located 150 above street level in Manhattan, Talon has managed to carve out a sweet secret lair known as Roc’s Nest, hidden in a rooftop water tower.

zone-sample-5The most striking aspect of the book for me is Zick’s artwork.  I thoroughly enjoyed his work on Mandala, but The Zone Continuum has a style of it’s own that falls somewhere between a retro 50’s sci-fi movie and Frank Miller’s Sin City.  The level of detailed Zick pays to each characters gadgets and general steam-punkish look is beyond insane! It’d be worth Kickstarting this book just to get some more artwork of this caliber from Zick.

talonpageYou can AND SHOULD head over to Bruce’s Kickstarter page for the project right here, so we can help play a part in resurrecting this series and most importantly help Bruce bring back this project he’s spent years and an innumerable volume of passion developing.  To learn more about the world of The Zone Continuum, you can check out the book’s homepage or Facebook page.  As a special treat for our fans, if we can get 25 Evil Geeks to back the project, Bruce will give each of them a special Zone Continuum print AND we’ll get a special thank you in the first issue of the rebooted series! Did ya’ here that folks??? This is our chance to get mentioned in a comic!!!! So let’s get out there and let’s get The Zone Continuum Kickstarted!

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