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It has seriously been far too long. Welcome back you bastards to another edition of your personal favorite look into some of the most vile, evil and lovable villains that capture your black hearts. I, and I haven’t done this enough recently, am Arthur Harkness, and I am bringing with me today a man of many jobs and deals. The King of Hell himself, Crowley; as played by Mark Sheppard, or Canton Everett Motherfucking Delaware III.


Now I know I have mentioned my burgeoning and slightly embarrassing obsession with Supernatural lately, much to my own chagrin as I personally stated years ago I would never get into it ( I have already admitted I was wrong) but Odin help me it happened anyways. I started watching one, and then just started watching them all, laughing my ass off the whole time. Not in a bad way, but because Dean Winchester and I are soul mates….in terms of friendship that is (pervs). That, however, is a topic for another day, as the light today is pointed directly at Crowley.

You know, this isn’t even the first time I have written about a character named Crowley…there may be something to that name that drives my attention. Whatever. Crowley, as previously mentioned, is as of this writing and from what I have seen (not done with season 9 yet) the King of Hell. Now, how can someone call themselves the King of Hell when there is supposed to be another person attached to that seat? Simple, I turned it down because I have been quite busy as of late, and I just simply don’t have the time. In reality though, a certain someone may have gotten into a tussle with a certain other someone and in the process, a seat or two may have opened up, and Crowley, being the man that he is, decided to sit down, Robert Baratheon style.

Goodbye Stranger

As King of Hell, Crowley has made it even worse by vastly improving its efficiency, and making nearly every second of it feel like waiting in line at the DMV…literally. However, not all was as it currently is with Crowley. Crowley originally was a crossroads demon, still technically is but isn’t if that makes sense, and was the sort of man who would show up when you decided it was time to sell your soul for something. If I had known I had to do it at a crossroads, I probably would have done that sooner. Crowley wheels and deals in souls, and usually inserts a little bit of fine print in there merely for the sake of fucking people over. Hell of a business man. In a world of demons, angels, movie monsters come to life and the people that hunt them, Crowley sets himself apart in so many ways.

Crowley isn’t your typical evil bastard. Sure, he takes a certain pleasure in torturing his captives and extracting info in ways that would probably make you cringe, but he does it with charm and razor sharp wit. Yes, lots of psychopaths seem to be the most charming and likeable people until you get super close to them and realize that they have been stealing bits of your hair and skin flakes, but Crowley does things with a certain air about him that exudes malevolence… but with a likeable aspect. It’s really nice actually. I wish I could hide my evil intentions, but it’s kind of hard when I’m constantly either wringing my hands or stroking my beard in conversation. He just has that calm and composed demeanor about him that makes him that much more dangerous. I love it.

crowley 2

Sam and Dean Winchester have a long and still growing history with Crowley. Sometimes on the same side, other times locked in chains in their respective torture bunkers (I NEED ONE) , their relationship, shall we say, has been less than smooth. Crowley, as time passes, becomes increasingly more malevolent and horrible, but he’s also an evil that they know, which sometimes is way better than the one you don’t know. Trust me….like for reals. If you get a chance to watch the show, and I suggest you do, you’ll realize there are far worse things in that universe than Crowley, yet he’s no slouch. The best example are his interactions with Kevin Tran, the Prophet chosen to read some tablets that no one else can read. I’d tell you the names of them….but you know….spoilers.

Being a demon in the Supernatural universe comes with all sorts of “perks” as I would call them, including enhanced strength (yes,) near invulnerability (YES,) and being able to smoke in and out of human bodies almost at will (FUCK YES). Crowley’s is enhanced quite a bit, even for demon standards, going so far as to be able to completely explode people and snap necks with a mere thought. Just writing that sentence made me INSANELY jealous. Even with having these amazing gifts ( or what some people may call instruments of horror and the tools of an abomination,) he likes to get up close and personal sometimes. Whether it be with a knife, the blade of an angel, or his personal Hell Hound (where does he get these wonderful things?) he knows exactly what makes certain people talk, and what makes people stop talking…permanently. And just so we’re clear on a precious statement, when I say “explode people”, that’s what I fucking mean. Making people pop in all directions, showering whoever is  fortunate enough to be in the area. What a way to go…one can only be so lucky.

crowley gif

If Dean wasn’t on this show and somehow Castiel never made it to Earth, I honestly think that Crowley would be hands down my favorite character. Luckily for him, he isn’t #1, so that bodes rather well for him. My previous track record of #1 favorites doesn’t look too good, as most of them either end up dead or severely fucked over in some fashion…case in point, Sirius Black or Sean Bean in anything. Still….can’t help but be a little nervous. Crowley is sure to capture your attention as a villain and even as just a character in general. He’s got that perfect mix of what a villain should be, plus, Mark Sheppard is just fucking awesome.

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  1. How can you not love him? He’s just just like, “Fuck yea, I’m evil; let’s get lunch.” My kind of man 🙂

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