Heroes of Cosplay: A Review of Episodes 3 and 4 by Undiesofwondy


Welcome back, geeks, to another exciting review of ‘Heroes of Cosplay’! Episodes 3 and 4 each had their fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, fierce competition and hilarious moments. Let’s take a look at Episode 3 first.
The heroes are off to Animate Miami this time, and we got to meet two new cosplayers, Carl and Miguel.  Carl’s choice of costume was definitely ambitious; Mannequin from Silent Hill. This costume required him to have numerous PVC pipes all over his body, causing him to have to hunch himself over in an awkward position. His face was also covered in some crazy latex material. I definitely could sympathize with Carl in the sense that uncomfortable cosplays are usually not too fun, and the fact that he didn’t win a prize for it was upsetting to me. However, Carl himself even acknowledged that this cosplay probably needed more time to be completed properly, and that it was perhaps too ambitious for him.
Miguel, or Miggy Jagger, as he is known to his fans, is a New York City based cosplayer who is no stranger to competition. His Blackwargreymon cosplay from Digimon was AMAZING, and I was also shocked he didn’t at least take home a judges award. It was really interesting to see how he constructed the cosplay out of foam, and it definitely made me want to experiment with using foam and fiberglass.

Once again, Jessica, Holly and Chloe competed together, and absolutely blew me away with their ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ cosplays. Although they had an outside seamstress to help them with Jessica’s Morrigan’s dress, the detail and sheer awesomeness of the costumes could not be beat. Chloe’s character, Sera, is a character meant to be a romance for female Inquisitors only, which she seemed to be super excited about (yay, equality!) because she decided to kiss Holly to get into character during her skit (which was really random, awkward and hilarious). Once again, I loved seeing the construction of the foam armor, and Holly’s little tutorial on foam patterning was reallyinteresting to watch. It’s no wonder that these guys took home the award for best group overall!

Bonus Stuff: It was kind of cute to see the heroes get along and go out together, even if it was totally staged and meant to make Carl look like he was really full of himself. Ah, the magic of editing!
So, Episode 4…probably my favorite episode thus far, just because it seemed to be the most realistic. The gang is heading off to Wizard World Portland; this marks the second time Wizard World Portland appears on ‘Heroes of Cosplay’. I was really ecstatic for this episode to air because it marks the first appearance of new ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ regular, Meg Turney! She’s one of my favorite cosplayers and I love her work and spunky attitude. Meg , Chloe and their friend, Michele are competing together, as 50’s Greaser versions of the Gotham Sirens (Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, for those of you unfamiliar with them…), which was such a cute and original idea. They based the cosplay designs off of fanart, so it was cool to see how they made the artwork come to life. Meg’s Harley Quinn featured four-wheeled rollerskates and a poodle skirt and was super adorable. Michele wore a Bettie Page type of wig for her Catwoman cosplay. Chloe definitely went all out for her Ivy. Poison Ivy looked a bit like a librarian, and had these “Audrey II” looking venus flytraps surrounding her. Chloe chose to make the flytraps move using simple animatronics, and it truly showed that she worked super hard on them. Despite the trouble the flowers gave her, they worked in the end and
the group was awarded an honorable mention.

We meet another new hero in this episode, aside from Meg, named Katie George (known as Katie Cosplays, to her legion of fans), who chose to cosplay Injustice Wonder Woman. Needless to say, I was super thrilled (see what I did there? Super?) to see a Wonder Woman cosplay of any kind, and enjoyed watching Katie construct the shield that Wonder Woman has in the Injustice game. Her “wow” factor was the lasso, which she wired to light up with a string of LED’s.  Both she and Ricki chose to have light up props, but they proved to be troublesome during the actual competition, when both of their props malfunctioned. However, Katie managed to take home the award for Best Female Hero!

Riki actually gets to finish her bow for her Ashe, from League of Legends cosplay, and it looks amazing! The bow is supposed to light up, and when Riki gets on stage in front of the judges, it doesn’t. I felt so bad for her, because it sucks so bad when you have a cosplay that’s 95% there and there’s just 5% that just isn’t. Worst. Ever. Her cosplay was gorgeous, though and she took home an honorable mention in spite of it all! Yay!

Bonus Stuff: I liked that everyone came out a winner in this episode, but was weirded out by the categories in Wizard World’s costume contests. They seem like they run differently from the other masquerades I’ve seen. Also, IVY DOOMKITTY SIGHTING! That always makes me happy.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday, when I review Episode 5 of Heroes of Cosplay!

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