Your Weekend Creature Comforts From Jabba’s Palace: the Hutt himself

That’s right folks, we’re still stranded on Tatooine this weekend and why not feature the big cheese himself: Jabba and his kind. This ruthless slug-like alien is a vicious crimelord, and his title “the Hutt” is actually in reference to his species, so let’s learn a little more about these monstrous aliens.


I guess I had always assumed that the species of Hutts originated on Tatooine, but that’s just because that is where I was used to see them in the Star Wars universe. Interestingly they are actually from the forest planet of Varl. Their strange overconfidence comes from the fact that they lived on a planet with two suns that they worshiped as gods, but after these stars were destroyed (one by a black hole, the other collapsing in on itself) they felt that they had become gods after surviving the death of their previous gods.

he certainly thinks himself a god...

he certainly thinks himself a god…

When we look at Jabba and other Hutts we naturally think of a slug, and in many ways this alien species is closely related. They are gastropods that only have small, vestigial front limbs and move via contractions of their skin in slow, uniform gesticulations. The species is also hermaphroditic, and reproduces via a rudimentary cloning process where the baby Hutt is born inside a pouch of the adult and develops there for at least 50 years before emerging. Being neither female nor male, the fact that we think of Jabba as a male is simply because he adopted a male personality.

The Hutt physiology leaves them with very thick skin as well as many redundant organs, and as such they are very tough to kill, as Leia found out the hard way. They are also relatively resistant to the Force thanks to their unique thought patterns and extremely thick skin.

6-10CrimeJabba Most Hutts, including Jabba, speak Huttese, their native language from their homeland. It is a relatively simplistic language that is easily translated by foreigners, which probably served them well being that a lot of Hutts ended up in trade or crime.

Even though it is unlikely that Jabba will make an appearance in the future Star Wars episodes, he has forever been embedded in our minds as one of the most bad-ass, vile, cruel, and gluttonous gangsters of all time.

yes folks, this is actually a collectible toy, and I need it...

yes folks, this is actually a collectible toy, and I need it…

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