No One Escapes the Evil Lair: Catching Up With Those Who Dared Enter

viewerHey there, Evil Geeks! In the time that we’ve been around, quite a few folks have passed through the front door of the Evil Lair. Between podcast guests, interviewees, review subjects and guest writers, we’ve played host to an ever growing list of new friends and acquaintances.  Almost 63% of those who’ve entered our sanctum sanctorum have lived to tell the tale and have even gone on to continue working on their passion projects.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the latest works from some of the people who’ve been kind enough to spend some time with us and share their works.


One of the first people to ever reach out to the Evil Geeks in an effort to get their work reviewed by our keen comic book loving eyes was Sam Johnson, creator of Geek Girl.  In one of his earliest assignments, Arthur Harkness reviewed Geek Girl, Big Evil did a review of Mr. Mash-Up ( just a few of Sam’s many comic projects) and he’s even made an appearance on Transmissions From the Evil Lair.  Lately, Sam’s been hard at work on another one of his comic properties, The Almighties and he’s recently released The Almighties: Recharged Reloaded Reduxed, a 12 page mini-comic that deals with the origins of the comedic look at big superhero teams.  Sam’s describes the team as “A former downtrodden housewife with anger issues, a mercenary with psychotic tendencies, a cocky British punk, an egomaniac, and a guy who runs a takeout. This bunch of misfits may not sound like the ideal ingredients for a team, but The White House’s Joe Cyborg wants them!” Make sure you head on over to where you can check out The Almighties: Recharged Reloaded Reduxed for FREE! To get the latest on what’s Sam’s up to head on over to the Sam Johnson Comics web page or hit him up on Twitter.


With the NSA basically watching and listening to everything thing we do these days (I’d just like to take a second to give a shout out to the Evil Geeks personal NSA monitor. What’s up, Lou! Hope everything is well with the family. We’ll be seeing you the next time we go to check our e-mail.), tensions and paranoia are running at an all time high. It’s this pressure cooker of an environment that gave rise to Hacktivity by Ovi Demetrian Jr.with art by James Whynot. If you’re a fan of late night, spooky talk radio and wearing foil hats, then you should check out Hactivity. The story revolves around a team of hackers who’ve had enough of the digital clampdown and are taking on the government in a big, bad way. Recently Ovi released the trade paperback of the first four issues of Hacktivity at the Phoenix Comic Con back on June 5th.  To check out more of Hacktivity, you can hit up or you can hit up Ovi personally on Twitter and let him know what you thought of his incredible book!


Did you spend vast swaths of your formative years, plopped down in front of the a classic NES while the warn, slightly radioactive, comforting glow of your parents TV whisked you away to far of lands like Hyrule or whatever shitty, sewer and pipe based world that the Mushroom Kingdom is, then Nova Phase by Matthew Ritter might just be the scratch you’re looking for to take care of that retro gaming itch.  With 8 bit graphic art that would have blown your elementary school aged mind back in the day, Nova Phase weaves a bad ass tapestry of treasuring hunting, space western adventuring.  If you missed Matt’s guest spot on Transmissions From the Evil Lair, I suggest you check it out ASAP as we discuss not only comics, but old school games as well.  Recently Nova Phase was released in book form, which you can pick up on Amazon if you’re jonesing to hold a physical book. If digital reading is more your style then you are SUPER in luck, because you can read Issue #1 of Nova Phase on Comixology for FREE! Then when you’re done with that, you can pick up Issues #2 and#3 for only 99 cents.  For more on Matt and Nova Phase head over to or to Matt’s Twitter page.

Well Evil Geeks, that was our look back at some of the souls who’ve made their way through the not so hallowed halls of our most vile of dens.  I’m sure once we’ve racked up a few more victims… er, I mean guests, we’ll have another look back at what’s new from them.

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