Your Weekend Creature Comforts From Jabba’s Palace: Twi’leks

Welcome back all you Star Wars loving geeks, I have been working on my degree in cryptozoology just for you and decided to spend some time combing over the various species encountered in Jabba’s Palace. It is full of some wonderful creatures and equally stellar scenes. Today we start with an alien species that I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t meet one on Doctor Who sometime. We’re going to talk about Twi’lek’s, and specifically one of Jabba’s main men in the movie: Bib Fortuna.


Twi’leks come from the planet Ryloth. They are a humanoid species with varying colored skin but are most identifiable by the long (and frankly disgusting) tentacles that come from their head. These tentacles have been called many things, from brain-tails to tail-heads. And they can communicate amongst each other through these tentacles (creepy). These brain-tails of theirs are also highly sensitive, and if grabbed would cause the individual excruciating pain and potentially incapacitate them (kind of inconvenient if you ask me).

Unfortunately for twi’leks their beautiful and varied skin color, and the shapely figure that most females possessed, led them to become slaves in any situations. And that is the situation we encounter many of the twi’leks from Jabba’s Palace.


Bib Fortuna is of course the most prominent twi’lek of the movie. He serves as Jabba’s majordomo, and being in the subservient role for the glutinous Jabba he hinders a deep hatred for the Hutt. We all know Bib as the greeter of any guests to the palace, and for that moment when Luke is able to use his jedi mind tricks on him so that he could get to Jabba. But the Star Wars universe had a lot more in store for Fortuna after the fall of Jabba. He went on trying to help his people escape the usual roles of slaves that they had so often fallen in to.


Speaking of, the other twi’lek we all know and love from Jabba’s Palace is Oola, the green-skinned slave dancer that is dragged to her untimely end after defying Jabba. And one of the most interesting facts about her is that the actress that played her looked almost the same 14 years later when George Lucas added those god-awful additional song scenes to the palace using CGI, so she could play the same role even though the result was a horrible CGI-catastrophe.

I will mention that we do meet one other important twi’lek in the Star Wars series, though not in Jabba’s Palace. Aayla Secura is a blue-skinned twi’lek that serves in the jedi order. Sadly for all of us Order 66 was the end of her.


I personally am hoping the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode 7 has some twi’leks in it, aren’t you?

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