TV From the Crypts: Lilith’s Top 26 Moments From Fringe Season 4

Hello all my fellow Walter Bishop lovers, I pretty much flew through season 4, seeing as how I had forgotten how it was one of my favorites. This season is jam-packed, as is my buzzfeed style list of favorite moments from this season. Spoilers abound, but I figure most of you reading this just want to reminisce in all that makes Fringe one of the best TV shows ever.


  1. Our first episode, Neither Here Nor There, starts off in a dark place: a universe without Peter Bishop. Of course we are not completely heartbroken. After all, seeing the glimmers and reflections of Peter throughout this first episode are quite spooky yet comforting, even though they are terrifying Walter Bishop.s04e01
  2. Our world’s Agent Lincoln Lee has to meet FRINGE division all over again in this first episode. And what an introduction to FRINGE it was. Seeing him walk in to the Harvard laboratory to booming classical music, hearing Astrid talking in the background about the machine that might blow up and kill someone when Walter just walks up to Lee like he belongs there, hands him a dead bird, injects him with something and sends him flying through the laboratory as if he is alive again. What I wouldn’t give to be in Lee’s head during that amazing introduction.

    What a perfect way to meet Walter for the first time!

    What a perfect way to meet Walter for the first time!

  3. By episode 2, One Night in October, we realize that having Agent Lee on the team gives Walter yet another assistant’s name to mess up. Being on a president kick he calls Lincoln Kennedy.

    Walter and Lincoln (aka Kennedy to Walter) are perfect chess partners.

    Walter and Lincoln (aka Kennedy to Walter) are perfect chess partners.

  4. One of my favorite moments in season 4 involved Walter lying back in front of a behemoth of speakers, listening to Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor to drown out “the man” from his mind. (The man being his visions of Peter Bishop trying to get through to him). To this day that has become one of my favorite pieces of classical music.18
  5. Alone in the World, our third episode featuring a murderous fungus, has a pretty awesome scene of the spores exploding from the first victims. It’s definitely a mouth-watering scene for those of us in the medical profession.
  6. At the end of episode 3 there’s yet another moment where we have to love Walter’s dedication. That moment when he tried to lobotomize himself to get visions of Peter out of his head. This poor broken man is so much stronger than people in so many ways.

    poor Walter

    poor Walter

  7. Speaking of Walter as a poor broken man, the first several episodes of season 4 show us a whole new side of Walter. A fragile Walter that suffers from agoraphobia and can’t leave the lab. This is the Walter without his Peter. It is pitiful at times, but it really shows us how important Peter is to more than Olivia.
  8. The moment when Olivia and Peter finally are reunited!!! Ok, yes, Olivia does not remember Peter, but still, they’re finally together!FRINGE
  9. Oh Walter, you will forever be my favorite mad scientist. In episode 5, Novation, he is found using combinations of sodium pentobarbital and adrenalin to help him sleep.
  10. This new reality has Nina Sharp playing more than just the face of Massive Dynamic: she was also Olivia’s foster mom. What?!?! As strange as it sounds, it kind of works.IQ4SI
  11. What I wouldn’t give to talk with Walter about his taste in music. In episode 6, And Those We’ve Left Behind, Walter tries to ignore the fact that Peter and Olivia are working together in the laboratory. He puts on some great music to drown out their talking: “Too Much Time On My Hands” by The Styx.
  12. In episode 10, Forced Perspective, bad ass Olivia makes another appearance. She has just received an ominous warning from the observer September that in all possible ways he sees the future she has to die. Meanwhile her and the team are trying to stop a terrorist attack before it happens. In a moment when Broyles tries to protect her from getting blown up, thinking that might be what the observer was referring to, Olivia shouts back at him that she is not going to let some possible prophecy stop her from doing good work.

    Olivia is so brave!

    Olivia is so brave!

  13. Welcome to Westfield has got to be one of the scariest Fringe episodes ever! Our team ends up in the haunted town and witnesses people going insane as they are slowly combined with their alternate from the other universe. The opening scene with Walter waiting for his rhubarb pie and almost getting slaughtered by the serial killer owner is quite chilling.

    creepy killer...

    creepy killer…

  14. This Westfield episode ends with a shock. Peter is struggling to cope with the fact that these new team members of his have no recall of who he was. And just when he is accepting that they are not the people he thought they were he comes back to Olivia’s house and she kisses him over takeout like nothing has ever changed.

    I ordered Damianos!

    I ordered Damianos!

  15. In episode 13 Walter has an adorable conversation about LSD with one of the inmates of the mental institution they travel to.
  16. I had a brief moment when I had to wonder whether or not the observer’s mind is like the inside of a Tardis. You should re-watch episode 14, The End of All Things, if you want to give me your opinion on the matter.

    I think the observers are some sort of Time Lord...

    I think the observers are some sort of Time Lord…

  17. I think Walter and Kurt Vonnegut would have a lot in common. Episode 15, A Short Story About Love, has a wonderful quote from Walter: “Mortius bestia- roadkill. Specifically, an aromatic excretion from the castor sacs of the North American beaver. Used primarily for marking and mating. I went beaver hunting in Eastern Canada in the 70’s. Of course, in those days, “beaver” meant something else entirely. Hardy-har-har, thanks for the mental picture Walter.
  18. Everything in its Right Place is a great episode that is all about Agent Lee. Finding out his middle name is Tyrone is priceless.

    What's up Tyrone?

    What’s up Tyrone?

  19. And watching Fauxlivia react to the other side’s Lee dying is heart breaking. We’ve come to love both Agent Lees, just like we loved both Charlies, it is always so saddening to lose one of our favorites in this show. what's up Tyrone?
  20. Ok, I apologize that there are a lot of moments in the episode Letters in Transit that I have to write about. It is hands down my favorite episode in the series. It certainly has an incredible futuristic vibe as we are translocated to the year 2036 where observers have colonized the earth.

    It's a crazy future we have in store for us

    It’s a crazy future we have in store for us

  21. Continuing on with this episode, finding a demented yet adorable Walter is wonderful. Our two futuristic Fringe agents set out to find a way to restore Walter’s mind, and one of the most amazing moments of the entire series is when they are stopped by the police and Walter tells them “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” and then continues saying “Move along” after the police let them go. Incredible.

    Best. Moment. Ever.

    Best. Moment. Ever.

  22. In Worlds Apart the machine closes the passageway between the two worlds. My favorite moment in this episode is when Walter and Walternate share a moment of friendship before they will again become separated forever.

    Oh bonding

    Oh bonding

  23. Ok folks, we are getting close to the season finale. The first part of this finale, Brave New World Part 1, Walter calls one of the technicians at a crime scene a ninny and then goes on to ask Astrid “Why must you always mother hen me?” Astrid and Walter are quite the combination.8921272_1.jpg_hq
  24. While in the mental institute of this same episode we see Walter sniffing the guest book, and as the doctor goes to ask him something starting with “Are you-“ Walter answers “Crazy?! No” Very matter of fact and Walter in perfect form.
  25. In the last episode of the season, Brave New World Part 2, Olivia and Peter interrogate a dead person to try to find the missing Walter. To do this they use Massive Dynamic’s technology and by god is it freaky! Such a well done scene with the dead woman, hooked up to the equipment, spouting out jibberish in her English accent as her eyes roll around in her head.

    It's so creepy when she says "Mommy"

    It’s so creepy when she says “Mommy”

  26. And now we reach the finale of the finale. Our hearts cry out as Olivia is shot in the head by Walter, and then thank the gods as Walter helps Peter push the bullet from her head and save her seeing as how the cortexiphan helps her regenerative brain tissue heal all Wolverine style. We all took a deep sigh of relief, and rejoiced when she and Peter are reunited and she reveals that she is pregnant. So many thing to looks forward to in the next season!

    heartbreak followed by pure joy

    heartbreak followed by pure joy in this episode

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