Lilith’s Top 5 Musical Moments

Alrighty there geeks, get ready for an epic post from Lilith here, one where you are going to get to know Lilith more personally than you’ve ever encountered before on this blog. This post is one I have been thinking about writing since I joined the band of evil geeks. That’s right my diabolical followers, I am going to go all Arthur Harkness on your asses this post and expose some of my heart to you.

Let me give you a little background first: you all know I am passionate about everything science fiction and fantasy related, especially TV shows and novels. But there is another subset of this genre that motivates me almost every day. And that is the soundtrack counterpart to many of these shows and movies. I am a lover of music in general, and I also spend a lot of time running as my favorite outdoor activity, always accompanied by my trusty iPod sidekick. Running has become another way for me to travel to another world, as my iPod is full of theme songs from Game of Thrones, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fringe, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Walking Dead to name a few. So today I am going to bring you a top 5: Lilith’s Top 5 Musical Moments of the Movies. And with this new post, I am also going to challenge all of my geek brothers. Kang, Harkness, C-Mart, Biff, Big Evil, Greekimus: you have all been challenged. Take your time my geeky brethren, but I look forward to reading about your top 5 musical movie moments. And to all my geeky subjects out there, continue on for a sliver of a glimpse in to Lilith’s musical mind.

protect your eardrums geeks!

protect your eardrums geeks!

I am totally cheating, but before I delve in to my actual top 5 I need to make three quick honorable mentions. First, I strongly recommend downloading the theme songs to your favorite TV shows. In particular since I have recently gotten on the Whovian bandwagon I find that the Doctor Who Theme makes me smile every time. If you listen hard enough in between the repeating themes you can hear parts of the Tardis beeping in the background. The song is an excellent way for you to spend two and a half minutes in an eternity of potential time. And I have already ranted and raved about how wonderful Children of Men is, but one of the moving moments is as our main character approaches the Art Ark in a limo, driving through the luxurious lifestyle of all those more fortunate in the future. The drive is accompanied by a song The Court of the Crimson King and incredible footage of wild animals, parties, and stunning courtyards. It is a beautiful mishmash of music and footage. Lastly I will just say this one sentence and you can judge me however you would like: No matter what you think about the acting or movies in general, the Twilight movies have some excellent soundtracks.

stunning, just awe-inspiring

stunning, just awe-inspiring

Now on to my actual top 5. Believe me, as you can tell from the three honorable mentions it was incredibly hard for me to narrow it down to 5, but these are at this point my top 5 favorite songs that can translocate me to another world anytime.

  1. Buckbeak’s Flight by John Williams
This song makes you weightless and gives you a soaring sensation.

This song makes you weightless and gives you a soaring sensation.

It would be pretty hard to write a post about movie music without having at least one mention of John Williams. I have two in this top 5, but let’s start with a Harry Potter song. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was the first Harry Potter album I purchased after hearing a great story about John Williams on NPR. This song was featured amongst over a dozen, but this one really embodies Williams’ ability to create a sense of flying. This song accompanies the scene where Harry Potter first gets thrown on to the back of Buckbeak the hippogriff. Williams is an excellent composer for many reasons, and is probably the most well known composer of modern day, but one of his specialties is his flying music. Just like in this song Buckbeak Williams can weave a story in his music that gives you a sense of weightlessness, a sense of soaring. I love this song in general, but it is a particularly great song to accompany a run when you want fly. The beginning starts with a drum solo as you build up and can almost feel your feet leave the ground when the strings start. I can feel the hippogriff feathers between my fingers when I close my eyes to this song.

4. Magneto by Henry Jackman

get ready for some serious ass-kicking

get ready for some serious ass-kicking

My geeky brothers know that X-Men: First Class was one of my favorite of all the X-Men movies, and the reason for that can pretty much be summed up as because of one character: Magneto. I have always been a fan of Magneto, even when I was in middle school and was obsessed with the animated show as well as read a couple of the comics (yes, I have confessed that I am sadly not that knowledgeable in the world of comics, but you can thank the fact that Lilith and Arthur Harkness were neighbors I did read some comics as a child). I think Fassbender is phenomenal in this movie as a young Magneto, and I don’t know anyone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy the scene where Magneto makes short order of some hiding Nazis in Argentina. Throughout the movie, and during this ass-kicking scene, there is a theme song for Magneto, of course named after the character as well. This song is just like the character: fucking awesome. Ass kicking, metal moving, and prevailing. You want to feel motivated and all-powerful? Listen to this song. About 2/3 of the way through there is a brief noise of metal moving in the background too, listen for it, you know I do. I am so much of a dork that I know where that part is and even when on a run I move my hand the same way Magneto would, imaging that I too have the power of the force to move metal. There are lots of songs from X-Men soundtracks that you could listen to, but I strongly suggest this one if you are in the mood for motivation.

3. The Pit of Carkoon by John Williams

This is your last chance Jabba.

This is your last chance Jabba.

As I promised I would feature John Williams in two songs during this post, here is the second. There were a lot of songs that I could chose from the Star Wars movies to write about, but this one from Return of the Jedi is one of my favorites. I must also point out that the song features a great introduction that leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for some action, and that anticipation generated by this song is so great that it even got acknowledged in Family Guy’s mock ROTJ It’s a Trap! The song starts out with a solo of a trombone blaring out these brief individual notes, each time in the movie accompanied by a quick glance to a different main character from Jabba’s Palace. And with a soaring symphony suddenly Williams is back at it in full force, Luke is diving in to action and we are fulfilled with the powers of the force that this song embodies. This song is fun, action-packed, and seems to embody the joy of being a Jedi. I know you already know it, but if you are looking for a way to translocate yourself to the rolling dunes of Tatooine as you use the force to defeat your arch-enemies and rescue whatever damsel or soldier in distress you feel needs rescuing.

2. In The House, In a Heartbeat by John Murphy

Hey, that was more than a heartbeat...

Hey, that was more than a heartbeat…

This song was actually featured in two movies: 28 Days Later and Kick-Ass. I first heard it in the latter, in one of the most powerful zombie movie scenes of all time. Jim and Selena had been developing some sort of connection throughout the movie, but Selena had warned Jim that if there was any question that he was infected she would not waste a second, not even a heartbeat, to take him down and kill him. When we get to the nightmarish scene with this music, Jim goes back to the mansion full of soldiers to rescue Selena and Hannah. Jim releases Mailer, the soldiers’ captive zombie, and causes all hell to break lose in the house in order to rescue the women. This song is truly epic, starting out like a subtle nightmare and building to an amazing electric guitar solo that is both electrifying and terrifying. This is truly an award-winning music moment for me.

  1. Enterprising Young Men by Michael Giacchino
There she is, that's right, sign me up!

There she is, that’s right, sign me up!

You probably already know this about your dear old Lilith here, but growing up I was forever a Star Wars obsessed girl. And if there was ever a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, I would always fall on the side of George Lucas. That was until J.J. Abrams came out with the most recent reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Yes, I am now a fan of Star Trek too, though I have not yet watched any of the TV shows I promise I will in the near future (and write you more wonderful TV from the Crypts posts about them). This song plays right after the fleet has been called away from Kirk’s disciplinary hearing to board their ships and respond to a distress call from the home planet of Vulcan. Kirk is of course having a vaccine reaction that his friend Dr. McCoy has induced so that he gets to come around for the ride. The music starts out quaint and charming, sounding busy as we see all the little shuttles head up in to the atmosphere towards, towards what? The music is building, and then McCoy tells Kirk that he has to see this. As the music reaches a climax, we gaze out the window of the shuttle with Kirk and there she is: The Star Ship Enterprise in all her glory. This song makes my number 1 slot today because it embodies that moment when I realized I so desperately want to be a trekie as well. In fact, it was that moment when I wanted with all of my heart to sign up for The United Federation and get my ass on The Enterprise. This entire song is so well interweaved in to the movie and is definitely my favorite part of the entire movie. And just to tell you about how much of a dork your favorite geeky girl here is the story of when this song motivated me the most. I was running a relay late last year with several friends: 200 miles in 30 hours, and my 2am leg had come along. Course rules made it so that you couldn’t run with headphones on, but you could run with music playing through headphones around your neck. I was pretty sleep deprived and there was a large hill just before the finish of this tiring leg. I skipped through some songs when this one came on, and the slowly building feeling of anticipation was perfect for the climb up the hill, only to be completed by the same fanfare that represents the mission of the futuristic Star Ship Enterprise as I crested the hill and completed by run. Yes friends, it was the epitome of a dorky moment for me that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.

Ok geeks, my time is at an end here, I hope you enjoyed this special edition of top 5 musical moments from Lilith, and I hope my geeky brothers will take me up on the challenge so I get to hear what music motivates them every day!

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