TV From The Crypts: Season 3 of Fringe, Lilith’s Top 21 Moments

Hello again Fringe-aholics, Lilith is back with the third installment of this mission of hers to bring you all the best moments of the retired TV show Fringe. Sometimes it is so wonderful to relive a TV show that you enjoyed when you first watched it, and rewatching Fringe has been like giving me a TARDIS for Christmas. So now I will bring you my top 21 moments of Fringe: Season 3, spoilers and all. Cause we all know we need a little more Walter in our life.


1. Just when I thought we had heard all the standard names we could for Astrid (Astro, Asterisk, Ostrich, etc.) she gets called Aspirin in the second episode of this season and I realize wow, Walter’s still got it.


2. Also in episode 2 Walter in the heat of a deep discussion uses the phrase “Silent but deadly” and follows that up with “Speaking of which, I’d like to step away now…” I bet Walter’s fart molecules contain hallucinogens we all wish we could get our hands on…

3. I am sure you were all writhing in your seats as much as I was when you first saw Peter and Fauxlivia kiss, knowing Peter thought she was his Olivia.

Get off of him you bitch!

Get off of him you bitch!

4. We all know by episode 4 that Walter has inherited Massive Dynamic from William Bell, but watching him teach a class in that gigantic company so enthusiastically, only to start taking his pants off and have it revealed that he is tripping balls was, well, amazing.

yup, he went there

yup, he went there

4. And the HEARTBREAK when Fauxlivia and Peter sleep together!!! Oh I can’t take the pain!!!

This is so wrong!!!!!!

This is so wrong!!!!!!

5. It was episode 6 when I again realized how much Walter and I had in common, as he asked for a book very urgently only to reveal he needed it cause he felt a bowel movement coming on. I again realized we were kindred spirits when he rejoined our group and warned Astrid to stay out of the bathroom.

6. The Candyman serial killer is terrifying, definitely worse than any usual monster in the closet. Such an amazing episode from the other side.


7. And in addition to seeing the creep-tastic Candyman killer himself, we also get to enjoy our one and only Olivia’s amazing selflessness as she abandons her quest to return to her universe in order to save the other side Broyles’ son.

8. We can all heave a sigh of relief by episode 8 when Fauxlivia’s cover has been blown. And we can laugh hysterically when Walter rants and raves about her with a tremendous Freudian slip: “And I have no idea how to bring our Olivia back. It’s all because of that temptress. She tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda. Like Mata Hari using her feminine wiles to accomplish her evil ends. I too fell prey. She used my stomach to get through to my heart.” I need to remember to use the word vagenda more often, thanks Walter.


9. Fringe really knows how to get to your heartstrings, and to other side Broyles. Just draw big sharpie marker lines all over our Olivia of where they are going to cut her up to experiment on her.

how could anyone not help her?

how could anyone not help her?

10. In episode 9, Marionette, when a crazy man starts taking all the donated body parts from his dead love interest to put her back together again we see a man with no eyes walking around (corneal transplants reacquired). Talk about a horror of horrors!!!!

11. In the  episode titled Firefly the opening scene of Walter dancing around his house with a make shift lab, singing Manah Manah as he is about to pull down his pants to inject his buttocks with something is a moment that will forever make me smile.

Walter has always been such a good dancer

Walter has always been such a good dancer

12. And if that’s not enough for you I only need to say one more thing about that episode for you: Christopher Lloyd. Yup.


13. Walternate is so demonized again and again, but you have to admit, J.J. Abhrams does a good job making you think twice about your judgements of that man when he absolutely refuses to stoop to the level of experimenting on children, unlike our beloved Walter.

14. As Olivia and Peter start to rekindle their feelings and finally become a couple, I just want to say that Peter is the ideal gentleman. He is so supportive of her and her emotions every step of the way, no wonder Olivia (and every other woman watching Fringe) falls for this dude!

that's more like it

that’s more like it

15. In episode 17, Stowaway, William Bell’s consciousness is transplanted in to Olivia’s mind and overpowers her consciousness. Seeing Walter and Bell joke around despite Bell being in Olivia’s mind is wonderful. And Olivia has just the right amount of lisp to make her being Bell believable.

Oh Belly

Oh Belly

16. We see more similarities between our Olivia and Fauxlivia when the pregnant Fauxlivia is kidnapped and experimented on to accelerate her pregnancy. In the episode Bloodline she escapes in the same bad-ass way our Olivia did from her captors in the first season.


17. Also in the episode Stowaway we finally meet our version of Agent Lincoln Lee, and I have to admit I like both versions quite a bit.

18.  In the appropriately titled episode Lysergic Acid Diethylamide we are so spoiled as not only do we see our usual Walter tripping, but we also get to experience a high Peter Bishop (who is adorable) and a hallucinating Broyles (who is a little less adorable and kind of sad, though appropriately sits around with his mouth hanging open all the time).



19. In that same lovely episode who can’t deny that an animated version of Fringe was phenomenal?! I mean, there was animated Walter, Bell, Peter, and even freaking zombies. This episode was just stunning, an Inception like dreamscape all in Olivia’s mind, intricately weaved and prove that Peter knows the way to her heart.


20. In the season finale we travel to an alternate reality in the future, one where the survivors from the now destroyed other universe are trying to destroy ours, specifically led by a vengeful Walternate. Our Walter is in jail, and when he gets sprung lose I just want to say he does an amazing job looking like Jerry Garcia.

That beard is epic

That beard is epic

21. And now we come to the last sentence of the season finale: Peter doesn’t exist?! WTF?! Ok, ok, I know what happens as I have seen this before, but really?! I need to go start watching season 4 for you all right away!!!!


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