Horror of Horrors: The Pale Man

Leave it to Guillermo De Toro to have created a movie so full of vivid imagery that it will forever be engrained in my brain. The movie I am referring to: Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie is so full of stunning pictures, imaginative creatures, and one monster in it know as “The Pale Man” will forever terrorize my nightmares as one of the most horrific creatures of all time.


This creature is the protector of an ornate dagger, and our main character, a young girl named Ofelia, must enter his realm and retrieve the dagger all while avoiding temptation to try any piece of food from one of the most lavish feasts you might ever see. The Pale Man lies dormant at the end of the table filled with incredible foods. Or dormant until Ofelia breaks down and snacks on a single grape, awakening this horror of horrors. panimage~5

This man is naked, tall, and corpse-like. He has eyeless eye sockets. So how does he see? The detached, disgusting eyeballs sitting in front of him on the table are picked up and placed in these small holes in the palms of his long-fingered hands with talon like fingernails. He then holds his hands over his face and maneuvers around via sight through his hands.

Fuck my life I am in the wrong nightmare right now...

Fuck my life I am in the wrong nightmare right now…

Why should we be so scared of this Pale Man? Before breaking down to eat that grape, Ofelia admires the murals on the wall around the lair. At first it seems like there are pictures of cute fairy tales on the wall. But look closer and you see that there are many diagrams of this man eating children whole. It is afterall his meal of preference. While our Ofelia escapes, one of the fairies sent along with her to help her in her quest is eaten whole by this monster.


There are so many things about this Pale Man that are revolting and horrifying, from the disgusting whiteness and rolls of his skin, to the detached eyeballs, and his long, pointed fingernails. The whole scene typifies flesh, decay, and sloth. This man is more nightmarish than Freddy Kruger. Thank you De Toro, for making a monster that embodies all your worst horror of horrors in to one repulsive and terrifying man.


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  1. ugh… I had nightmares when I watched that movie and I still do

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