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I apologize to you all in advance for my lack of a presence these past couple weeks, but Arthur’s got himself some new employment, and time runs short for us all, but Lilith and the rest of the geeks have your backs.  In the past couple weeks, due to said employment, I have ventured out into the world, and barring exposure to the sun, it’s not too bad. However, certain things have come to light for me, and it’s really setting me on edge. Yes, I am assuming it has been covered before, and yes, I know my take on it may not be completely acceptable, but deal with it. I am extremely tired of the term nerd, and it really needs to stop.

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Here’s the thing, the term “nerd” used to be somewhat derogatory and it carried with it a stigma of either not being cool, or being some kind of asshole. It was wrong, and still is, but the thing that drives me nuts about it is the fact that now everyone wants to be considered a nerd. They think it’s cool, but in reality, most of the people coining that term now are assholes who years ago wouldn’t have been caught dead being referred to as a nerd. Ridiculous, right? Pardon me if I sound a bit bitter, but I sort of am. Google search the term “nerd” right now and see what comes up. Pocket protectors and a few rows down some hot chick wearing glasses…..that’s what we have now. Is this really what we have brought ourselves to?

I completely understand that we in the brotherhood refer to ourselves as nerds, geeks, and everything else under the sun, but we live that life daily. We don’t suddenly pick up a game or read one comic and start rocking shirts bearing certain terms of so called endearment and acting as if we have been this way forever. I hate to sound almost like an elitist, because I am not, but it really is frustrating. I won’t compare it to any other thing that may have happened in our history as that would not be fair, but I think you can all understand what I mean. The thing is, being a nerd or what have you has become super popular nowadays, but watching a Chris Hardwick show doesn’t give you the sort of mentality that people who really have a love for this sort of life style have. It really just makes you a dick, and it’s a shame.

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Now, before you all jump on the train to bash-ville, there is another side to this argument. We are all nerds in some way, shape or form. Like sports? Know everything about a specific team or sport itself? Nerd. Like music more than you should? Nerd. Know anything and everything about a specific trade or practice? Nerd. See what I did there? Really, a nerd is just someone that has an insane or higher than average amount of knowledge concerning a certain topic. A buddy of mine once referred to himself as a sports nerd, and when I heard that term, I was somewhat confused. I had never really thought about it that way. I always considered the term nerd to be reserved for things that I was into, not sports. That was for jocks, and then I saw that I was wrong. Arthur is not afraid to admit when he was wrong about something, although it may take a little while. It changed my way of thinking though, and after a while, it tainted my view of the term nerd. Corrupted it, if you will.

Now, as I sit here and type these keys in anger because I see that term everywhere, the use of “nerd” has to be changed or at least augmented in a way to include everyone, or abolished altogether. It just doesn’t fit anymore, because in reality we all have our things that we love, and we all have wells of knowledge in certain subjects. Everyone can be called a nerd now, and that is what bothers me. The term is outdated and wrong, and we should change it…..maybe to “people?” Never in my life would I have been upset to be what I am, and I still am not, but I am upset that it has become so flooded in these times.

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I hope I am not sounding too confusing in my ramble, but in reality, we all need to take a step back and realize what we are referring to when we use the term “nerd”. Everyone now has used the term on themselves at one point or another, but it really needs to be taken into consideration a bit more. I refuse to acknowledge that being nerd makes you totally cool nowadays, but it can be used to describe certain tendencies, which is fine.  We just all need to understand that even though certain terms can be made cool or made to look cool, they just simply aren’t. Take pride in what you love, take pride in what you do, but please, just don’t call yourself a nerd if you have literally one Green Lantern comic in your possession or have seen a Marvel movie. It makes me sad in my black heart. Thanks for reading, and if I alienated anyone with this ramble, then that is the price I pay. Hopefully, between these words and between my thoughts, you all will understand how I fell. Maybe you all feel the same?

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