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OK, so we’re almost to the end of the season for S.H.I.E.L.D. and I’ve got a two-part review here for you and all I can say is dammmmnnnn…. it’s really been a wild ride and has really opened up the Marvel Cinematic U in my opinion. The last place that C-Mart left us off is that May is gone, Scarface Ward is back and he’s super creepy and has killed Agent Koenig and has basically kidnapped Skye (although she was kinda playing him) and the team no longer has The Bus. Given the fact that we’re only a couple days from the end of the first season these episodes have kinda pulled out all the stops, so c’mon, keep on reading!


So Coulson and Company come home to find that they’ve lost their BUS, that May has gone, and that Ward and Skye are MIA. After a little investigation they find out that Ward is HYDRA and that he’s kidnapped Skye and killed Eric Koenig. As they’re prepping a plan to find their lost teammate Glenn Talbot and the military drop in lead there by Maria Hill (who was tipped off by May.) She looked at this as a way to save Phil and have them trade their secrets for their freedom. He doesn’t like it and tells her about Ward and together they dupe Talbot and get outta Providence. Meanwhile, Skye brings Ward to the diner where she first met Mike Peterson since the hack requires GPS and tells him it’ll take hours to do. He’s uneasy in public and wants to get the show on the road and she uses that as a way to alert the authorities where they are. Good idea Skye, cops swarm the place and she almost makes it out of there but Garett sent Deathlok to keep an eye on Ward so he gets her back.


Meanwhile, May hasn’t retired, instead she heads to a cemetery and does a little grave digging, in Coulsons grave to be exact. She finds a USB drive in his coffin and hopes that she can offer him some insight into what happened to him and what project T.A.H.I.T.I. really was. The team and Hill track the BUS to an airfield in California where Ward and Deathlok attempt to get the GPS location from Skye, but she’s playing hardball. Regardless of how much she hates Ward, Deathlok gambles that she’s not a killer and used a small electric charge to stop his heart and tells Skye to tell him the coordinates or Ward dies. Despite her hard-nose attitude she can’t leave him for dead and tells him that the GPS is set for 20,000 feet. Deathlok frees Ward who is none too happy about what just happened, and he tells him that he was just following orders.

May finds Coulson and company and makes up with Phil and shows him the USB drive that has a video message on it. Come to find out that Coulson himself was the man who ran T.A.H.I.T.I. and even told Fury to shut it down because of what happened to the subjects. Coulson himself recommended that anyone who went through the process needed to be mindwiped and have memories implanted or they’d go insane. So this whole time, S.H.I.E.L.D. was just following his own orders? Heavy?


Lola don’t fail me now!

Back to the airfield, the team finds the BUS and orders them to let Skye go or they’ll blow them away. Ward see this as a bluff and instead they take off and attempt to get to 20,000 feet. Coulson sneaks on the plane through the landing gear and saves Skye. He takes on Ward and Deathlok and manages to escape with his flying car Lola. So the baddies have the data on the hard drive now, but at least the team got one of their own back!

In the episode that follows we get to see who Agent Grant Ward really is and why he’s so damn loyal to Garrett. It seems that Grant was a little bit of a psychopath and set fire to his house with his brother inside so we find him as a teenager in the joint. Garrett comes to him and offers him an out to join his secret organization and basically breaks him out. From there he brings him to the wilderness and tells him to survive for the next couple months and leaves him a dog as company. From the get go, they have a really fucked up relationship and Garrett plays Ward into thinking that he made him into the man that he is.



While we’re enjoying the flashback, the team decides to take the offensive and deduces that Cybertek is the glue holding everything together and Skye has a hack figured out to access everything that Garrett and company are doing, but a USB drive needs to be plugged in to the network. Using some of Trips grandfathers old spy stuff (he was a Howling Commando) they sneak into a Cybertek R&D facility in a ridiculously humorous way in Palo Alto and find files, real ones? Yup, for an advanced company they don’t have computers onsite, but May and Coulson find some interesting info. Garrett was the original Deathlok!!! Which really isn’t a huge reveal if you’re familiar with the character, but my wife liked that reveal a lot!


Old School spy gear to super cool!


Along with Garrett being a cyborg, he’s really mad at S.H.I.E.L.D., which we see in a flashback. He tells Ward that he was hit with an IED and S.H.I.E.L.D. left him for dead. So he gathered up his insides and survived on his own, and tells him that HYDRA knows how to take care of people. So Garrett’s had this hate on for S.H.I.E.L.D. forever and his body is dying on him a little bit everyday. We find out that the Clairvoyant identity, Centipede, everything, has all been about ways to keep him alive.

After they get the info on Deathlok 1.0, the team realizes that the Cybertek facility that they need to get to is in Cuba and heads there. Garrett is a step ahead though and orders everything dismantled and sent back to the States. Before they leave, Raina revealed that using Skyes files they were able to replicated something close to GH325 and gives it to Garrett for safe keeping. In Cuba, the team splits up and leaves Fitz and Simmons at the airfield and they find the BUS. Coulson orders them to retreat and Ward finds them and makes them come aboard. Fitz uses an old school S.H.I.E.L.D. EMP hidden in a joybuzzer and fries Garretts systems. He tells Ward to kill him and Simmons and lays there dying. Ward goes after our scientist pals and Fitz wants to believe that he’s being controlled or manipulated and only realizes at the last minute that the man he knew is gone. In a WTF kind of scene, Ward jettisons Fitz and Simmons off the plane in a cargo box of sorts and into the ocean. Are they dead? Did he actually save them? Who the fuck knows, but dammit, I really hope they aren’t dead.


Meanwhile, Coulson and company have no clue that this is going on and continue to look for a Hydra network of some sort to plug their hack into. They find one, but only to be found by a bunch of goons holding high-end weapons and berserker staffs!!!!

On his deathbed, Garrett has Raina inject him with GH325 and it seems to not only have saved him, but combined with his Deathlok parts and Centipede serum, has made him seem super-human.

So, Grant Ward… we see what made him into what he was, but also some glimmers of a good man. I think that in the end, he will take on for the team, literally. I really, really, really hope that it only looked like Fitz and Simmons died, or if they did hopefully Fitz had to balls to finally make out with Jemma! Anyway, I’m so psyched to see how everything plays out in the season finale and word hit this weekend that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for Season 2! YAY!!! Also, Agent Carter has been green-lit (Peggy Carter, Caps old flame!) as a series, which will be really cool with (I hope) the Holwing Commandos, Howard Stark, tons of gadgets and some old school spying!!!


Will he save the team in the end? Yeah, that’s my guess. Like Vader taking out the emperor!

In closing I gotta say that in many ways S.H.I.E.L.D. has been the little show that could and has really reminded me of a great comic all year long. It started out huge with crazy ratings and when people realized that the Avengers weren’t gonna show up every week they bailed, but the show kept on churning. We got to see the inner workings of the organization that tied every Marvel U movie together and for those that stuck around, it was pretty much revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. is the glue holding that world together, well at least up until Cap 2 when HYDRA basically came a knockin’ and our little show here got stuck holding all the cards. So it really does remind me of that sleeper book that doesn’t sell all too well and all of the sudden, BAM! You can’t find it on the racks any more. I’ll hand it to Marvel, they did the unthinkable and gave us a look at the Marvel U every week and then in some way tied it into the films. I look at the movies as your blockbuster event mini-series that people always pick up and this show as the monthly books that the fans love, so good job Marvel!!!

Later internet!

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