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I bet you thought you were only getting one from me this week. Well guess again. Welcome you heathens to a round of me doing something I do not do regularly; admit that I was wrong. One of the hardest and most painful things to do is admit that you were wrong when you clearly thought you weren’t. Nobody likes to see that “Told you so” face, especially me. Usually I just tend to smash in the face of the one giving it to me, but sometimes I just can’t. So, in regards to me admitting I am wrong, it comes time to fess up and face what I was so wrong about. We all have to someday, and that tme is nigh for your boy, Arthur.

I tend to form opinions on certain things without giving it a proper shot. Less so today than in the past, but I still have my old habits occasionally. I have compiled a modest list of certain things that I had deemed complete bullshit a while ago but now have a certain, shall we say obsession with. I won’t bog you all down with each and every one, but I will give you some of the more major/popular ones. And once again, just so we are all aware, it pains me to admit that I have buried these works at one point in my life. Here we go.

  1. Harry Potter

harry potter


The Harry Potter series was just that to me when it first came out, a series. Nothing special and nothing to be concerned about in any way. This one actually pains me the most considering my current devotion to the series, but I threw the boot on top of this one when it was originally introduced to me. It was pretty much a fluke that I got into it. One stormy afternoon, my buddy and I had absolutely nothing to do, and he was interested in checking out the first Harry movie. I begrudgingly agreed as it was free to us, and I had absolutely nothing else to do. 3 hours later, I emerged with a goddamn wand made out of a straw trying to curse everyone in my vicinity. It was riddikulus( hehe) and I was ashamed that I had spent so much time not involved in Hogwarts business.

This chance viewing spawned years of obsession, reading and watching. I started with the movies, and then quickly jumped into the books. I devoured everything Potter in my line of sight and never looked back. Eventually, it got to the point where I would do yearly rereadings of the series and rather frequent viewings of the films. Eventually, after a few years and essentially being drenched in Potter lore, my sister finally gave me the face, and I could not help but look down at the ground and admit defeat. I was a fan, and I was wrong. I’m sorry.

  1. True Blood

true blood

This fucking show. I know you have all read my post on that lovable asshole Russell Edgington, so you know that I had a severe hatred of this show when I first caught it. I thought it was utterly ridiculous, but little did I know that was the sort of direction they were going for. I caught the first few episodes when it originally premiered, and I thought great, this fucking sucks and I spent all that time waiting for nothing. I wanted blood, gore, and massive amounts of hatred from my vampires, but I received love stories, racism, and bullshit. At least that was what I thought.

I stopped watching after the first few, and didn’t even think about giving it another shot until someone convinced me to. She watched a show that I asked her to check out, so it was only fair for me to do the same. She loved True Blood, so I miserably said ok. 3 weeks later, all the seasons were done, and I started to watch them all from the beginning again. I had stopped too soon, and that was a big mistake, because had I stayed around in the beginning, I would have been treated to the splendor that is Lafayette and Eric Northman. Those two are more than enough for me to keep watching, and if asked a year ago if I was sad that this show is on its last season, I would have screamed “fucking finally.” But now….all I can do is sit and wait for the sadness that is this show ending. I was wrong, and I’m sorry. On a side note, the show is somewhat garbage and I understand that, but its catchy garbage and you can’t help but like it, even if it does get a bit ridiculous and schlocky sometimes. However, I do still hate Anna Paquin.

  1. Supernatural


This one actually slightly embarrasses me considering it plays on what used to be the 7th Heaven network, but its actually not that bad. I never watched an episode, but I had hated it from afar mainly because I thought it was just a shitty name and the premise of it was not enough to save it. Turn to a week ago, and after a rough weekend, I decided to stay inside and watch someone else suffer. So sue me. The show constantly popped up on my NetFlix recommendations, but I just never clicked on it. Last week I did, and in between reading the Dark Tower series and catching up on some anime I haven’t watched in a while, I’ve been battling demons and all sorts of paranormal dickfaces with the Winchester Brothers.

First off, I love horror, and I love jokes. If they just put that description in the fucking tagline then I would have started this shit earlier. I love the Winchesters, in a platonic way, although they are handsome gentlemen, and watching them dick around and murder ghosts with salt filled shotguns one day, then electrocute the fuck out of a basement horror just puts a smile on my face. I was wrong, and I am sorry. I fully plan on powering through this series, and hopefully I won’t wind up losing too much sleep over it.

  1. Trailer Park Boys

trailer park boys

I don’t know what my problem is sometimes. Maybe I am just too stubborn, but when I first encountered the boys while working at a video store that shan’t be named, I immediately dismissed it as absolute garbage. I now hate myself for it. The adventure that I have had with the boys is fucking nuts. Never have I gone out of my way to actually force other people to watch it, but got legit upset when certain people, namely my best friend, didn’t like it.

After being convinced to finally watch it myself, I became a fan of such absolute fuckery that it just couldn’t possibly be what real people do. That’s the thing with the boys, everything they do could be considered the worst fucking idea ever, yet they consider it the best. That’s the most accurate way to describe it, but it is so much more than just that. It’s insanity televised and made heartfelt by the characters you come to know and love. I’ve spoken to many people who after finishing the series, felt like they had just lost a friend. I was one of them. When they announced they were going on tour, I made it my business to see them live, and I did. It was glorious and fucking hysterical. Once again, I am sorry, and I was wrong.

  1. Mad Men

mad men

If you look at the catalog of what I tend to entertain myself with, you would never even consider Mad Men an option. No swords, no sorcery, no three titted aliens, just people drinking, smoking and banging eachother. I know that actually sounds awesome, but I get enough of that in real life, so I tend to like my entertainment more fantastical. I watched the first 2 episodes, and said fuck this. This show sucks, and I will never watch. I’m sensing a pattern here. But, much like the others on this list, time has ways of making fools of us all.

A few months ago, I wound up starting to watch this show on recommendation, and after plowing through the first season, I finally understood why people loved this show so much. The subtext…and Roger fucking Sterling. Come to find out, our very own Biff is a fan of the show and Mr. Sterling, and our back and forths concerning this show is a solid listen in person. I changed my mind on this one too, and although I tend to come to my senses a bit late, I was able to catch up right before this current and final season airs. There has to be some correlation of me hating something, eventually liking it, and then it getting fucking cancelled. I am sorry, and I was wrong. Roger, I almost missed getting a chance to see you in action.

Well, there you have it folks. I am not one to usually admit it, but I am not opposed to doing so when I am wrong. The shitty thing is, I know this isn’t the last time that this will happen, so I am assuming within a few years you’re going to see another one of these. But who knows? Maybe I’ll learn my lesson…..fucking doubt it.

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