The Big WOW! Comic Fest: Looking For Lilith

Hey Geeks! Great news, San Jose, my current city of residence, is having a Comic Fest in two weekends! You can be sure that Lilith will be browsing the floor and attending some awesome sessions for the event, like “The Science and Fiction of Alternate Realities”- how cool does that sound?!?! It’s screaming Fringe and Doctor Who if you ask me.


The dates: Saturday and Sunday May 17 and 18. Check out more here.

Be on the lookout for Lilith at this awesome show, I’ll be handing out Evil Geeks stickers, snapping photos of cosplayers for the website, and if you are lucky you just might catch me sporting some CosPlay. I know you are all dying to see Lilith all decked up….If you recognize me for who I really am, Lilith Assisi of the Evil Geeks, there might be a prize in store for you.


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