Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Slitheen

Happy weekend fellow nerds, I just can’t get enough of Doctor Who lately and am bringing you another superb alien from this series today. A well timed fart is always highly amusing, and so the alien species of Slitheen should have you rolling over with laughter as long as you can ignore the fact that they want to destroy the planet Earth. Continue onward my TARDIS loving followers for some more details on this diabolical monster.


This alien comes from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius (try saying that ten times in a row!). They are very large, relatively rotund, bipedal, with massive claws on their hands. Their bizarre faces make them look more related to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as opposed to what we normally think of as aliens. They have incredible senses of smell, and the females of the species can form poison internally that they can infect their victims with via giant darts from their fingernails or by exhaling it from their breath.


nasty little, well big, buggers

And where do the farts come in? When on planet Earth these aliens disguised themselves by taking the skin of a human victim and applying it to their giant bodies via a compression device. Of course this leads to abnormal amounts of gas under the skin suit, leading to the release of uncontrolled, massively loud farts from time to time. How perfect! For a good laugh that is.

Slitheen_changing_room So how do you destroy a giant, strong, farting monster? Well this alien species reacts with acetic acid, and when it does it causes their bodies to explode! AKA don’t go giving your slitheen friends any coca-cola unless you want to clean up a bunch of alien flesh.

While these monsters are ruthless yet amusing at the same time, they seem to make their appearances in the Doctor Who series under less than admirable situations. They are perpetually coming up with schemes to destroy Earth, not because they don’t like it but usually because there is some profit-making ponzi behind their plans. And let’s now forget that they invariably kill and skin their human victims to blend in to our society. I always enjoy a good Slitheen filled episode, but I must say I hope I don’t run in to any of these fatty aliens anytime in the near future.


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