The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 10: The Lord’s Prayer


Welcome all of you bloodletters to the finale of this year’s season of the Vikings. It’s been quite the ride, and we’ve seen lots of blood, betrayal, and good old fashioned raiding. This season upped the ante in a serious way, and I was pretty pumped to see the finale and what they would bring us after such a brutal season. Now you may notice that this one is not going to be in the usual format of this season’s recaps, as I wound up watching the finale with a friend.

The ending of the last episode left us with a conundrum and a possible huge betrayal on the part of Floki. He has been acting slightly weird all season and siding with Horik a bit, and we’ve all been waiting patiently to see how this all turns out. Athelstan came back as well last week, and its good to see him back in Kattegat with his adopted family. Good for him. Throughout the entire episode, it was eluded to us that Floki is going to have to earn Horik’s trust in some way, and odds are its going to be in blood. Who will Floki murder? It essentially turned the entire episode into a sort of reverse whodunit. It was driving me crazy the whole episode because I couldn’t figure out who was the most expendable and the one that I wouldn’t be so upset to lose. It’s a shitty way of thinking but I am betting money all of you did the same. Sucks, right?

horik and floki

Ragnar was actually absent for most of the episode, as the story revolved around the supporting cast in dealing with what Horik was planning. Horik started out as a pretty solid character last season, but over the course of this one, he truly became an asshole. It was sad to see because I really liked him going into this season, but he just started playing some pretty shitty games and fucking over the wrong people. Bjorn came into his own after the time skip and became a serious warrior in his own right, even earning his own nickname; Ironside. He also got himself a lady, and in one of the more ridiculous moments of this season, and I say that in a good way, they beat the ever loving shit out of each other before banging in the woods with Floki watching from the bushes. Such a creep. I was almost waiting to see him start cranking it, but thankfully we were saved that. Mostly, I was thinking he was going to try and kill Bjorn, but once again, thankfully that was not the case.

floki sneaking

As the episode progressed, everyone seemed to be involved in some kind of treacherous act. Floki poisons Rollo and Bjorn’s friend, who for the life of me I cannot remember his name, with Bjorn’s friend dying because of it, but Rollo somehow makes it out alive. That was a close one. If they had killed Rollo, I would have completely lost my shit. Horik seems to have the upper hand here too, as Floki is on his side and Ragnar has no idea what’s going on. Rollo is laid up in his bed after getting trampled last week, so he is out of the picture, and Lagertha seems to have no idea either. Then, shit goes from bad to worse when Horik finally makes his move.

bjorn kissing

He uses the cover of night, and descends upon Kattegat with swords swinging. You see our favorites making a solid stand, but Horik is still advancing. We see Horik’s wife Brunhilde suit up for battle, and I had been praying that she would cross swords with Lagertha. We were not disappointed. Lagertha and her battle hard, but in the end, Lagertha guts her and it’s all over for Horik’s wife. Next, Horik waltzes into the great hall, thinking that his plans had gone perfectly, but instead finds Bjorn’s friend, who everyone thought was dead. Tricksy! Turn out, Floki was true to Ragnar, and Horik’s men are slaughtered while his son is taken prisoner. What happens next is pure brutality. Everyone gets a solid hit on Horik before he makes it to Ragnar, pleading for them to spare his son, which they do. Horik kneels before Ragnar as he spits up blood and sees his mistakes, until Ragnar proceeds to headbut the ever loving fuck out of him. It was absolutely amazing.

ragnar kneeling

With that, we get the end of Horik’s campaign to keep his throne, as one bad decision led to another, and in the end, he got what he had coming. The shitty thing is, Horik really need not have done anything since Ragnar literally showed no intention of taking over or going for power. He just wanted to farm fertile lands and feed his people. That was it. All of Horik’s delusions of treachery were in his head, and his jealousy of Ragnar got the best of him. Rest in pieces Horik, you bastard. This brings us to the end of this year’s season of the Vikings, and what a season it was. We were given so many awesome moments, and so many awesome battles. They really went out for blood this season, and between the crucifixion and the blood eagle, they definitely got it. It was amazing. The one bad thing now is that we have to wait another year for some more raiding action. With Ecbert and that fat slob Aelle waiting in the wings, what can we expect from next season? Will Horik’s son try to exact revenge on Ragnar and his family? Will Ecbert try to take back Athelstan, and will Ragnar and Lagertha finally get back together? I’m hoping not, as I was hoping to woo her if I got the chance. One can only wish. Till next year! For Ragnar! For Odin! And for Asgard!!

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