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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Top 5 Rabbits


Yes, you read that correctly, I am indeed writing a post about rabbits. You are probably thinking something along the lines of “What the f*$%?!?! I come to this weekly post for my alien and monster obsessions, and Lilith is writing about rabbits?! Has she gone soft?” No folks, I am not going soft, and this post is going to be far from what you might be picturing, no real fluffy, cutsie, adorable little bunnies hopping around in flower filled fields. Well, there might be one, but trust me, you’ll understand once you have read this. There is really just one bunny that inspired me to write this post in the first place, who will be taking my number one slot of course, but as I was thinking about this diabolical lagomorph I realized there are a lot of great rabbits out there in the movies and literature. So today I decided to give you Lilith’s Top 5 Rabbits In The Movies. Sorry I’m too late for Easter.

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TV From The Crypts: Season 3 of Fringe, Lilith’s Top 21 Moments

Hello again Fringe-aholics, Lilith is back with the third installment of this mission of hers to bring you all the best moments of the retired TV show Fringe. Sometimes it is so wonderful to relive a TV show that you enjoyed when you first watched it, and rewatching Fringe has been like giving me a TARDIS for Christmas. So now I will bring you my top 21 moments of Fringe: Season 3, spoilers and all. Cause we all know we need a little more Walter in our life.


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Summer Trade Paperback Recommendations

Summer always seems to be a hot bed for the comics industry releasing trade paperbacks and this year is certainly no exception. I did my best to compile a list to the ones I feel are worth noting. Please realize though that all issue content and artwork are subject to change and shouldn’t be deemed as official. The dates also reflect online retailer likes Amazon (brick and mortar comic shops tend to get their hands on these a few weeks ahead of time). So think of this as more of a guideline.

Sledgehammer 44 Vol. 1 

Release Date: June 10

Collects Sledgehammer 44 #1-2 and Lightning War #1-3


I’m not as well versed in the Mignolaverse as I’d like to be, but I try not to miss anything that takes place further back in its history. Mainly Lobster Johnson and any of the B.P.R.D. secret origin stories that occur in the 1940’s. This trade collects two miniseries, Sledgehammer 44 by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi and art by Jason Latour and Lightning War by the same writing team with Laurence Campbell art.

What about the story you say? I don’t know the finer details but I can tell you it involves a man in iron suit dropped into the front lines of WWII to decimate Nazis. Do you really need to know anymore? It seems like Mignola’s twist on Iron Man and I’m more than ok with that.

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Lego Batman 3 Coming this Fall!

Hey Nerds

As you all know, the Evil Geeks are fans of all things LEGO and of course this geek loves Batman so I’m pretty psyched that a new installment of the LEGO Batman franchise plans to come our way this fall. Titled LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, this game brings Batman and the Justice to space to battle the evil Brainiac, who is armed with the power of lantern rings to bring chaos to the galaxy!

LEGO Batman games have always been pretty cool, but we’ve seen Gotham a tons of times, this time around we’ll be able to travel between the Batcave, the Hall of Justice, and the Watchtower! The different locales sound pretty awesome, but what I’m psyched about is the roster. This game is taking a feather from LEGO Marvel’s cap and will have 150 characters from DC to choose from including The Legion of Doom with LEGO big figures like Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy!

Obviously LEGO built the Batman brand quite awhile ago, but to me it just shows his importance. It’s not LEGO DC or LEGO Justice League and Marvel’s game wasn’t LEGO Avengers, so this really solidifies Batman’s role as the premier character in DC’s stable. If they’re smart they’ll play off the 75th Anniversary aspect of the character too!

Justice League LEGO

Take a moment to watch the trailer below, you can see that it shows us that the humor is still in place for the series, and it looks like everyone has been upgraded to their “New 52” looks, which makes me wonder if we’ll have 3 “characters” for each Leaguer, but it’s really just different outfits. If so, that could be a ripoff, so hopefully thats not the case. Anywho, check out the teaser trailer below!
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Evil Movie Reviews: X-Men Days of Future Past

Afternoon Merry Mutants!

This holiday weekend was host to the return of the X-Men on the Silver Screen. Financially it was very successful pulling in more than $110 million dollars and far surpassing the opening weekend for First Class just a few years ago. But does the seventh movie in the franchise ward an eighth? Read on to find out!
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Ep 076 – The Stallone Film Society Presents Evil Movie Night: Rambo 3

The Evil Geeks head back to the movies this week as C-Mart and Paulo Pinta watch and discuss the latest installment of the Sylvester Stallone Film Society – Rambo 3.  They also play the Rambo 3 Genesis game which actually turns out to be much more entertaining than the actual movie.  Join us as we talk up the third chapter of in the epic saga of this cinema icon and take away some knowledge from the book of Sly Moves on this episode of Evil Movie Night!

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