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Welcome back my TV loving geeks, are you ready for part two of Lilith’s Fringe mission? Of course you are! And I am ready to bring it to you. Last time I think the Buzzfeed-style post went over well, so I will give it a go again. I devoured season two with just as much enjoyment as the first time I watched it, and these are Lilith’s top 22 moments from Fringe Season 2. Spoilers to follow.


  1. Did you notice in episode 1, “A New Day In The Old Town”, that there was an old episode of The X-Files playing in the background on the TV of the apartment of the man murdered by shape shifters? Way to make a shout out to a show that set the precedence for this sort of show.
  2. In episode 2, “Night of Desirable Objects”, Walter has an adorable moment where he throws his arms out to the sky as if he doesn’t care just like the scarecrow in the field around him.

    me and Walter go way back...

    me and Walter go way back…

  3. From the same episode there was this amazing interaction between Peter and Walter:

Peter: How’s it going Walter?

Walter: I plan to urinate in 23 minutes.

Peter: Good to know.

Walter: I’m telling you because I’m going to need help unzipping my fly.

  1. I forgot how cool Sam Weiss, the owner of the bowling alley that helps Olivia get back on her feet was. I mean, he’s got a little bit of Bruce Banner, Odd Thomas, and retired CIA agent all mixed in to his character. He’s quite a bad-ass in his own relaxed way.21600025
  2. Episode 3: “Fracture”. While in the lab Peter and Walter are discussing their latest bizarre case when suddenly Gene (their cow) moos loudly. Walter scolds Peter then: “Peter, if you are going to eat a cheeseburger in here, could you at least be a little discreet?!” Peter is obviously miffed by this and bites in to his cheeseburger harder to piss off Walter, at which point Gene moos louder and Peter sets down the burger guiltily.

    how can you not be a little gaga for gene watching fringe?

    how can you not be a little gaga for gene watching fringe?

  3. Walter saying “A little cannibus before bedtime does wonders.” Yes Walter, yes it does.
  4. In the episode titled “Dream Logic” we are so spoiled for several reasons. First Walter says “Either a green unicorn just ran across the lab or I took some LSD,” matter of factly. And we witness Walter have a borderline orgasm.flat,550x550,075,f.u1
  5. Walter telling the chemical all sexy like “Titanium tetra-chloride…you sly temptress.”hE8E94FA7
  6. During the episode “Of Human Action” we see a pathetically spoiled teenager with mind control capabilities go on a rampage, which of course lets us see Walter in a tin-foil hat.

    it was bound to happen

    it was bound to happen

  7. The “Snakehead” episode when the gang members slits his own throat to avoid interrogation was freaking bad-ass.
  8. How can you not love Walter’s logic? He gets lost but wants more adult responsibilities so he can go out on his own more. His solution? He implanted a tracking device in his arm so Peter can find him if he gets lost.
  9. While the idea of brain transplants in the episode “Grey Matter” is probably not realistic, it is still fascinating. The thought that the only way human brain tissue could survive outside of its normal body is inside the brain tissue of another human, causing temporary insanity in them. Of course this is also the amazing episode where we learn that Walter at some point cut out these parts of his brain and hid them elsewhere so as to avoid causing any more damage to the world. Walter, we love
  10. I just gotta say, the epidemiologist in me nearly orgasmed over the episode “What Lies Below”. This episode was about an ancient virus infecting a present day building, and it was SO well done. Amazing all around.

    a close call for Peter this episode

    a close call for Peter this episode

  11. Talk about amazing special effects: the episode titled “Jacksonville” where two buildings from out alternate universes merges, along with all the people inside merging or splitting in two in various formations: incredible make up and super freaky imagery.
  12. That sad moment when your suspicions about Peter come true and Olivia can’t bear to be around him as he glimmers the same way all those from the other side do to her.

    don't take him away from us!!!

    don’t take him away from us!!!

  13. Yes the intro to every Fringe episode is catchy, but in the episode “Peter” when the majority of the episode is a flash back, there was this super awesome 70’s style computer intro: god this show is cool.maxresdefault
  14. Walter upon finding a joint saying “Look, it’s a lemon zinger!” and sniffing strongly then continuing on “Not as good as the stuff I grow, but not bad either.”220WalterSmoking
  15. Walter going on an OCD labeling rampage after getting high in the beginning of “Brown Betty” was just perfect.
  16. And in the same episode we see a really fun 20’s detective story told about our characters, with great costumes and a total noir vibe.


  17. In the episode “Over There: Part 1” we first meet all of the alternate characters from our Fringe team in their alternate universe. And wow they are wonderful. Even our favorite Charlie comes back from the dead in his own way, though he is slightly different he is just as loveable as the one we lost in the last season.

    everyone rejoice!!! Charlie's back!!!

    everyone rejoice!!! Charlie’s back!!!

  18. When you realize for the first time you can tell which universe the episode takes place in based on the color of the background to the opening sequence.normal_FringeTitleRed1197
  19. And when Walter and William Bell reunite for the first time. Regarding each other they say “I see you’ve aged.” And “So have you.” Talk about our favorite grumpy old men!6EgsC

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