Resurrection: ABC’s Attempt to Make You Kill Yourself

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There comes a time in everyone’s life where you decide to check something out that you may not be entirely sure of. It’s called courage in some places, in others, it’s called madness. I don’t usually stray too far from my comfort zone in terms of what I put into my brain for entertainment consumption, but after exhausting the shows I was currently into on NetFlix and running out of ways to try and convince Lady Harkness to watch The Wire, we decided to check out Resurrection. The show was already a few episodes in, about 5 or 6 I would say, so if we liked it, we had something to watch for a few days. I popped it on, sat back in my chair and prepared to enjoy something new. Forty five minutes later, I was struggling not to kill myself. Let me explain.

If you couldn’t tell by the title of the show, the entire premise is about resurrection, and people who were previously dead coming back to life. Now I know what you must be thinking….that’s right up your alley Arthur, its goddamn necromancy…but it’s not. They’re alive again, not undead, and that makes it so much worse than anything I could conjure. The first episode, and slight spoiler warning if you haven’t watched it yet, involved a slightly elderly couple, like late 50’s early 60’s, and their son who died years ago being reunited. Awww that sounds heartwarming. Trust me, it isn’t. The child comes back as a child, so think about that for a second. You’ve already had to deal with the loss of the boy, which fucking sucks in general, and then years later, after putting that pain aside to move on, it comes right back and hits you in the face like buckshot. Trauma doesn’t even begin to cover that sort of situation.

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Now the thing is, the show is actually pretty decent. I want to get that out of the way so ABC doesn’t try to send their army of Warg Riders to silence me, but it isn’t the sort of show that lends itself to making you feel good or forgetting your sorrows. I understand that not everything needs to be funny or light hearted, trust me, I do, but it was as if the writers and producers of this show had one thing in mind when they came up with the concept; depress your audience into coming back for more. I know it may seem slightly ridiculous, but watch the show and tell me that isn’t at least partly the case. It may not have been intentional, but it’s exactly what is happening. Within just the first episode, my mind was swept away into a sort of void of remembrance and nostalgia, which isn’t entirely bad, but the direction of the show takes your mind directly to those you’ve lost, and it makes you pine for them. Watching a show about super heroes makes you pine for powers and the ability to prove yourself. Resurrection makes you pine for your lost loves and people you have cared about but have lost. It’s brutal.

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The characters on the show react exactly the way you would think; a mixture of surprise, heartache, and happiness, which surprises me as I feel like they should have reacted with weapons drawn. Maybe that’s a bit too rough, but you know what I mean. They all go through the emotional trials of reuniting with someone that has been dead for a long time, but what happens when someone didn’t necessarily die on good terms? Or what if someone died with secrets that were revealed post mortem, or right after they were brought back? It runs the risk of tarnishing the memories you’ve had of that person, but, and this is a big but (haha,) it could also provide you with the opportunity to set things straight or make things right with someone that may have been wronged or hurt in the relationship. It’s a very touchy and emotional subject to tackle. I’ve watched all but one episode at this point, and I can sort of guess where things are going plot wise, but it still doesn’t stop that twinge of the past that gnaws at the back of your mind. I could know exactly what is going to happen down to the letter, but it still won’t stop the connection or feelings brought about by watching each episode. It’s almost as if it is a challenge of the metal variety to even sit down to watch the thing.

The strange thing is that most of the people brought back in the show are connected in some fashion, which is understandable considering it’s a small town, but it’s a little too suspicious. If they broadened the scope of the resurrections, they could do some real serious plot work, but I guess keeping it tight in terms of where things are happening could keep things from getting confusing. I really do like the show, but it just hurts me sometimes to watch it. I imagine myself in the position of some of the characters, and it pains me to see them going through the whole process of dealing with these returns. For example, the child who comes back had a friend, who in turn grew up to become the town priest…imagine how shaken his faith in god would be when he sees his best friend come back as a kid after having to deal with his death. There’s a pretty awesome scene of them playing video games, and it made me want to punch a hole in the wall because I cauterized my tear ducts years ago and cannot emote properly, because it was ridiculously depressing. I couldn’t even imagine the awkwardness and sheer amount of pain that it caused the both of them. The kid is young, but he’s not an idiot. How about the way the rest of the town treats the people who come back? This is something that should not be happening, and the people react with the exact amount of horror you would think. It’s crazy.


I really do like the show, guys, and I know it seems like I’m somewhat bashing it, but I’m not. I’m only saying that this is the sort of show that could possibly make you react in a way that will not make you happy. I think the writers knew that, and I think they played towards that, but I have to applaud them for taking a pretty touchy subject and turning it into a decent show. I will most likely watch the rest of the season, and I can only help I have enough drywall to replace the holes in my house. All I’m saying is that be careful when watching this and keep your emotions in check. Don’t kill youselves….regardless of how hard these guys try to make you.

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  1. Yeah, That show freaked me the fuck out! Plus its on after Once Upon a Time, so your like hey Snow White and Dwarfs and then BAAAMMMM! Dead Kid from the 70’s comes back to life…AND he never changes his clothes, EVER and eats like 47 Grilled Cheese sandwiches. I think I tuned in as long as I did with the hope that Red Foreman would call someone a Dumbass, unfortunately that never happened 🙁

    • dude……I was waiting for the same thing! I was like how have they not utilized that skill just yet? And yeah its definitely freaky. the first episode was really awkward to watch as it felt like I was intruding on someones heartache

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