Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Trees of Cheem

I’ve definitely fallen on the bandwagon and am of the impression that you can never get enough Doctor Who. So sticking with last week’s theme I am bringing you another wonderous alien species from the Who Universe. This weekend we’re talking about the Trees of Cheem.Forest_of_cheem

This alien species is a humanoid like creature, and it actually originated from Earth. This species originally descended from the rainforests of Earth, and evolved in to a sentient humanoid species with wood like skin, an ornamental head, and vines that they can shoot out of their arms. Sadly this makes them very flammable, so they need to be cautious in the situations they put themselves in.

We first meet this species during the episode “The End of the World” when a group of rich futuristic alien species pays an exorbitant amount of money in order to watch the end of Earth. A queen of the species, Jabe, is quite a beautiful sight. Through Jabe we see how this species is incredibly compassionate, wise, and brave. Jabe_s

Another interesting cultural habit of this species is to save clippings from their ancestors and sometimes give them to others as a gift. As morbid as this might sound, there’s something very appealing about going on as life in trees.

tumblr_mhbmnmxRlM1s17jrio3_250Stay tuned for more Who-verse creatures in future weeks!

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