The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 9: The Choice


Welcome back raiders to another edition of The Vikings. I am your host, Arthur Harkness, and I’ve been sharpening my writing utensils in preparation for this week’s episode. We finally have the return of our merry band of Vikings to the home of King Ecbert, and after Horik’s son went all fucking bloodlusty on us last week, I’m excited to see what sort of call back Ecbert is going to order considering what happened, as I’m sure it isn’t going to be a request for tea. So strap in, and let’s get to the murdering.

I am expecting there to be quite a bit of battle tonight, so I have my mop next to me to soak up all the blood. We open up with Athelstan still doing his copying of Ecbert’s scrolls, and it’s nice to see he’s become an accountant/ photocopier this season. Putting that iron ring to good use I see. Ecbert lets Athelstan know that he has become very important to him, and tries to plant the seed that Ragnar and his crew are going to kill Athelstan due to his current situation. Horik lets us know that he never had any intention of being civil about this whole excursion, and Lagertha seems to sort of agree with him. Ragnar is the only one who doesn’t want to start any shit at this point. Floki says his peace, in a way only he can, and Horik lets everyone know that tomorrow is battle day. FUCK YES. Horik seems to be taking this whole thing by the balls, and I have a feeling he’s going to unfortunately either parish, or try some kind of fuckery that may put people in danger. Not good.

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Floki is going ever further towards Horik’s side, as they trade stories of Norse myths. Balder is the topic of choice, and it seems Horik is alluding to the situation of Balder as a good way of possibly taking out Ragnar. Will Floki go for it? Hopefully not. Floki is my boy and I seriously don’t want him being either killed or fucked over trying to help out Horik. This could be bad. And now we get to the marching to the fields of battle. A rainy day greets them as well as a group of warriors. Let the bloodletting begin. Horik leads the men into battle, as everyone seems slightly nervous. Another crew of guys show up from the back, and now we have a split crew. NOT GOOD. Excuse me while I revel in the battle at hand. As we head to our first commercial, the battle is in full swing with our Vikings in serious trouble. Rollo does some fine work with an axe, but in a sudden turn of events, he gets run over and then trampled. I’m screaming at my TV right now. How the fuck do you go to commercial after Rollo gets jacked up like that? Not cool History Channel. If Rollo dies, I’m going to be seriously pissed. Horik is going to have some shit to answer to now as he is going to get everyone fucking killed.

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We come back from break with the battle still raging as Ecbert looks on, and Ragnar gives the order to get out of there while they can. Fucking Horik. He may have just ruined everything. Bjorn is a fucking beast on the battlefield, but unfortunately Rollo looks to be dead. We are spared the agony of his death though by Athelstan and Ecbert, who give the order to save his life. At least that went well. Horik spews his piece about fate, and it seems Ragnar doesn’t believe that Rollo is dead. Ragnar gives Bjron a nickname; Ironside, and I’m slightly jealous. We head back to Ecbert and his crew, and I want to rip Aelle’s head off his fucking body. I hate that guy so much. I’ll at least give them the benefit of their victory. They earned it….even if they did have like a thousand more guys. Athelstan goes to talk to Rollo, and Rollo looks to be surprised to see him as a monk again, saying that Horik was right in saying Athelstan betrayed them. Rollo says he’d kill him if he had enough strength, and that’s the worst thank you I have ever heard….but slightly understandable.

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As we come back at the half way point, we are greeted by a funeral for all the glorious dead. Such a sad day for our raiders. We go back to Ecbert who is speaking with the rest of his crew about what to do now, and he suggests the same shit he’s been saying, which is they need to parlay or possibly hire them as mercenaries. They decide to send Athelstan, and this just got even more interesting. How will people react? Bjorn is the first to speak to him, and he lets them know that Rollo is still alive, much to the relief of everyone else. I’m saying this now, Horik is going to fuck all of this up for everyone.  Lagertha says she and Ragnar will go speak with him, but Ragnar is slightly impatient and wants to go now, at least for a bit to speak to Athelstan. Solid move Ragnar as there seems to be treachery afoot with archers in the woods. Ragnar gives Athelstan back his iron ring, and lets him know he will see him again soon. I hope there aren’t any archers in the woods when that happens. Ecbert makes me a huge fan of him by choosing King Aelle as the hostage for exchange this time, and I hope to god he gets fucking gutted. Such is my unbridled hatred of him.

We come back from commercial and Floki is questioning Ragnar about why they are going to help Rollo when he almost got them killed before. Ragnar gives Floki a speech about trust, and that seems to hit a bit close to home with Floki. Hopefully that will straighten his head out a bit, and hopefully Horik doesn’t take Aelle’s head…..unless he really, really wants to…in which case I say do it. Ecbert invites them all to eat and drink with him in their own language, and this could go far in gaining some trust. The Princess from last week gives Ragnar a look, and he better fucking keep it in his pants. They begin the treaty talks, and let’s just wait and see if it’s civil. Lagertha and Ragnar accept the offer, but Horik doesn’t seem to say anything, but at least we got Rollo back alive. That’s cool with me. Ragnar lets Athelstan know he wants him to go back with them to drop Rollo off home, but it looks like it may just not happen unfortunately. Cmon guy, go back with them. You know you want to. We go back to Kattegat and see Bjorn’s girl doing some training of her own, as Aslaug comes out and sets her free from being a servant. Well at least someone is having a good day. This takes us to our last break of the evening. This episode has just been savage so far. Between all the head butting between the Viking Superfriends, and then killing, I think our boys and girls have had a pretty rough day.

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As we come back from our last break, Bjron’s girl seems to be shedding her clothes, and her former life as a slave as she takes a swim for the first time as free woman. That water has to be like negative degrees cold. Fuck that. We go to the Princess looking over the Vikings that chose to fight for money, and it looks like she’s inspecting them like cattle. She apparently likes to give over the pants handies as well. Back at Kattegat, our Vikings bring home their sorrows, and Athelstan. That’s my boy. Good form Athelstan. He returns home and everyone seems to be happy that he’s back now. Quite a change from a little while ago. Aslaug lets Bjorn know that she made his girl a free woman, and everyone seems to be happy about that too. The only one not happy is Rollo, because he’s still fucking bleeding. His leg looks so fucked. I have a hard time believing that he is going to be able to fight properly again. Floki is having his doubts about everything, but Horik is there to feed him little things to try and sway him. I don’t like where this is going. Horik talks of a proposition, and I think it involves them trying to kill Ragnar….and the preview just told us so as well. Wow. What a second to last episode of this season. We got a lot of battle, a reunion, and a new union as well. I have such an excitement boner right now for next week’s finale, and I’m seriously debating on whether or not to continue watching this show if they kill off Ragnar…..but they can’t do that……can they? Till next week! For Ragnar! For Odin! For Asgard!!

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