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Hey there Evil Geeks,  the craziness that has been Agents of Shield continues this week as we get a look at another Marvel U supervillain, we say goodbye to a very welcome recent addition who will be sorely missed, Ward continues to be an A-1 piece of crap, and we finally meet that special cellist in Phil Coulson’s life. Read on Agents of the Evil Geeks!


Eric Koenig, the lone SHIELD agent manning Fury’s secret base, doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t named Phil Coulson at this point.  He’s right to be suspicious of course. There’s a traitor in the ranks of Coulson’s team and sadly before the episode is over, he’ll have wreaked quite a bit of havoc upon the remaining agents of SHIELD.  In case  I haven’t mentioned it before, MAN I really hate Ward!  Eric, played by the incredible without measure Patton Oswalt, decides to personally administer lie detector tests to the members of Coulson’s team and we certainly find out a bunch of interesting stuff about each of the members of the team.  For example, Triplett (who will most likely be taking over the tough guy role on the show that Ward occupied until he went all Hydra), is the grandson of one of the original Howling Commandos.  Eric is pretty impressed with this fact, saying that if he were the grandson of a Howling Commando, he’d never downplay it. It’s ironic because in the comics, Eric Koenig IS one of the Howling Commandos. He was a Nazi who saw the error of his ways and decided to fight the Fuehrer.  We find out that Fitz is pretty hardcore into Simmons, although we really didn’t need a lie detector to find that out. They’ve been dropping hints left and right about Fitz’ infatuation with Simmons and he has been pretty threatened by Triplett’s presence as Simmons seems a little keen on him.  Speaking of Simmons, when asked what her desert island item would be and she answered “the TARDIS”, she officially became my dreamgirl.  She’s brainy and she’s into Doctor Who… I’m swooning as I type that.

Everybody clears the test with flying colors, everyone except Ward that is.  Koenig is pretty to unload a few rounds into Wards chest, when Ward figures out a way to truthfully answer Koenig’s question without tipping his allegiance to Hydra.  WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SHOOT HIM ERIC?!?!?!?  Sure enough, Koenig is the one who ultimately pays the price when Ward enacts his plan to kidnap Skye.  I really wish we could’ve had Eric stick around a little while longer, Patton Oswalt is always great even when he isn’t doing stand up. If you don’t believe me, check out his run on Justified as Constable Bob, a fantastic performance all around.

How does Ward get away with his treacherous plan you ask? Well, for starters Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, and Triplett are all off dealing with one of the escapees that Garrett let out of the Fridge. That escapee we come to find out is Blackout, whom we’ve actually seen on the big screen before.  He was one of the villains in Ghost RIder: Spirit of Vengeance, but it’s probably just best to forget about all that. This time around the character is a little more subdued in the portrayal, but he is no less creepy.  We find out that Blackout and Coulson actually have a past.  Blackout had been stalking this young, pretty cellist, who Coulson ended up saving from the maniac.  That cellist of course is the same one he mentioned to Pepper Potts in The Avengers, the same cellist who cried for days after she learned of Coulson’s death. Because of that trauma, Coulson goes to heart-breaking lengths to hide that fact that he’s still alive from her.  It seems like she’s finally moving on and he doesn’t want to be responsible for hurting her again.  Stop it Phil, you’re killing me with all the feels!!!  He does get to save the day and say some comforting words to her, but since she was barely conscious at the time, so she thought it was all a dream.  He tells Fitz that someday he might reveal himself to her, but sadly that wasn’t the day.  

Coulson isn’t the only one with romance problems in his life.  Fitz is pretty waylaid by his affection for Simmons and is increasing hostile towards Triplett because of the attraction that Fitz thinks Simmons has towards him.  He comes close to confessing his love for his cohort in all things scientific, but he keeps his mouth shut at the behest of that weasel Ward (Damn I just hate that guy!!!). In my opinion, I don’t think Fitz’ love of Simmons is an unrequited one; I think she’s just as into him as he is into her.  She may look at Triplett as a great friend ad valuable asset to the team, but I think her heart is ultimately with Fitz, no matter how hot he thinks she is for Triplett.

There’s one person on the team that we haven’t checked in with yet, Melinda May.  Her and Phil butt heads and she ends up hitting the road.  It appears she literally walks halfway across Canada before finally getting picked up by her mom.  It would appear that Melinda isn’t the only spy in the family as her mother is a retired one as well.  During their brief conversation, we discover that Melinda has a bit of a bone to pick with Maria Hill and that she is one her way to confront her now, with things possibly taking a turn towards fisticuffs.  Please, please, PLEASE let it lead to sexy fisticuffs! We’ll have to wait at least a week to find out the answer to that one though, be sure to check back here next week for our weekly recap of all things Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

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