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Batman 75
To continue to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th birthday DC has put out two new animated shorts that in my opinion really just make you miss some classic Animated Batman. The first one came out a couple weeks back and is called Batman: Strange Days by Bruce Timm and gives us a very classic interpretation of Batman taking on Hugo Strange.

This weekend at WonderCon the world got to see Darwyn Cooke’s take on Batman Beyond…Ah Batman Beyond, how awesome you were…and how awesome this short is. The only problem with both of these pieces in my opinion is simply that they were toooooooooo short, really just a tease if you ask me. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an anthology direct-to-DVD movie of a ton of Bat-Tales in the near future. God knows the market is there.

Anyway check both out below, they’re pretty sweet!

So what’d you think? Sound off in the comments to let us know.

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