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beachHey there, Evil Geeks…. although I guess this time out it might be more accurate to say “Eh there, Evil Geeks”.  Have you ever found yourself watching one of your favorite TV shows, only to find yourself wondering where the show was actually shot?  The cities you see week in and week out on your television look SUPER familiar, but for some reason you can’t figure out exactly where the actors are. It looks like your average American city, but it’s too urban and compact to be Los Angeles. It doesn’t have the wholesome Midwestern feel of Chicago. It’s too clean to be New York. Atlanta? Nope, not enough strippers. Dallas? Not enough pick up trucks with gun racks on the road.  The deja vu sweeps over you as you know you’ve seen this place before. We’re you dragged there on vacation as a kid? Were you forced to visit an aged aunt there at some point? Stuck for a few hours on a layover?  You’ve seen it before, but WHERE!?!?!?! Well thanks to our friends over at Fortress Geek, you’re days of befuddlement are over! You’ve definitely seen that city somewhere before and chances are it was on TV. What could this magical, holy land of TV production possibly be? Chances are, it’s Vancouver, British Columbia!

You’d be downright shocked to find out how many geek/nerd themed TV shows have been shot in Vancouver over the years. In fact, you’d be so shocked that the Fortress Geek team has put together an infographic listing some of the shows and laying out the locations where they’ve been shot in the city.  Everything from bygone favorites such as Fringe, The X Files, and Smallville, to modern shows such as Once Upon a Time or Falling Skies. Take a look at some of the shows this beautiful city has been the backdrop for:




A gargantuan THANK YOU to the fine people over at Fortress Geek for providing us with the infographic.  Please take a moment and head over to where you can buy all kinds of awesome geek and nerd items and apparel. You can also check them out on Twitter right here and on Facebook here! There you have it Evil Geeks, next time you’re planning a vacation, cast your eyes to the North and maybe think about hitting up the shooting location of some of your favorite shows of all time.

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