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Well if it isn’t you guys again. Welcome back everyone to another edition of Horrors. This time, I’m actually doing something a bit more current, but putting it under the Horrors tag because fuck you that’s why. I kid, I kid. This round I am bringing to you a look at the new film, now in theaters, starring Ms Amy Pond herself, Karen Gillan. There are some other people in there….but you guys know that I like to make up names for people based on their roles in the film…..because it’s funny to me. So with that out of the way, let’s get to the reviewing.

Oculus, like previously stated, stars Karen Gillen as she attempts to figure out and destroy a mirror that seems to be either haunted or having some kind of hissy fit lasting generations. The film starts out pretty good for the most part. Nice little scares here and there, tricks of the eye and mind, and just little things that make you and our stars question whether or not what they are seeing is real. The mirror itself, called the Lasser Glass, which is what the movie should have been called considering it is infinitely more sinister and brutal, looks very menacing and dark with its design. To be honest, it’s probably something that should be hanging in my room at the moment. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t mind the company during some of my more…shall we say private sacrifice sessions? Yeah we’ll call it that. Now, the thing about this mirror, is that it is haunted some kind of force, which they don’t really explain in full detail, and is unfortunate because they could have made the entire movie the backstory of the mirror and it would have been way better. Attempting to rid the world of this mirror is the brother to Karen’s character, who I will refer to as Mr. Looks Like Jon Snow But Will Never Make It On The Wall. That may be too long….. I’ll call him the fake Jon Snow then. After being in a mental institute for years, he gets released into Karen’s care, and that’s when shit starts going downhill figuratively and literally.



The thing about the mirror, is that it isn’t the first time these two have encountered it. The movie breaks itself into two parts that mingle and entwine with each other throughout the film. It can get kind of jarring because the thing with the mirror is that it makes you do things, but you don’t really realize you are doing them. This can be confusing for the audience sometimes as it is difficult to tell whether their future selves are looking into the past, or the mirror is just fucking with them. Lady Harkness and I are pretty good with figuring out horror movies as it is our favorite, but even we had issues with figuring out what the hell was going on. It is not to say that it is bad, but it can be confusing and irritating sometimes. I generally liked the movie, but the cutting back and forth can really put a hamper on keeping up with the story. The past, as it shows us, is filled with bullshit as their father gets the mirror, and hangs it into his office, which pretty much causes the bullshit to happen. If there is anything that the world has taught me, is that if I get a bad feeling about something, or something just looks sinister….I have to fucking have it. However, I am smart enough to know not to fuck with my family’s safety, so I would probably pass on the sinister mirror that has been lost and found throughout the ages. Fucking moron.

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Needless to say, the mirror starts to fuck with everyone, and shows things that either aren’t happening, or are skewed in some way. The thing is, you can never tell what is real and what isn’t , so it is up to you to make the assumption on whether or not things are really happening. The first to go nuts is the mother, played by Katee Sackhoff, who played Starbuck in the newer Battlestar Galactica. She loses it, then the rest lose it, and the kids are left to defend themselves. The mirror gives everyone a case of the Riddick’s when it takes over, so you’ll know who is possessed and who isn’t, because they can see clearly in caves, or at night, or in enemy combat situations. Now you would think that they would just show you the backstory towards the beginning, eat up about 20 minutes or so, and then back to the current story, but that doesn’t happen. Like I said earlier, everything mixes with each other, so it kind of takes away from both stories having them go at the same time. It’s a shame because they are both interesting, but I just really wanted them to be separate. I applaud the director for going that route, but such is not my taste.

M174 Garrett Ryan (left) and Annalise Basso (right) star in Relativity Media's OCULUS.  Photo Credit: John Estes ©2013 Lasser Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Now, as the movie progresses, the main character aspect slightly shifts towards the brother, as he had the most miserable of the experiences, but in reality the mirror should have been the focus. Yeah it defends itself, yeah it scares the shit out of people, yes it makes the people who look into it lose their shit and slowly do horrible things to themselves and others, but no it is not really prominent enough for my wants. The whole thing about the movie was the mirror, yet we spent more time looking at laptops and dying plants. Have it fuck with us some more, have it physically alter the house except the room it is hanging in…anything to have it featured more. The actors argue about whether or not certain things can be explained by science and rational thought rather than actually trying to battle the mirror. Karen’s character has so much knowledge of the mirror and how it works but she literally tosses that right out the window once the shit starts happening. It makes me slightly angry just thinking about it. Maybe its just me, but I wanted more mirror and less arguing.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I actually did enjoy this movie for the most part, but really wished the mirror was more prominent and the cutting of times was a bit more separated rather than bleeding into each other so much. I know the effect was supposed to be jarring, and it was, maybe just not in the best of ways though. The acting was good, Karen Gillan shows us that she can exist outside of Doctor Who (I do miss the Ponds though,) and it makes me look forward to how she does in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mr Not Jon Snow does well for his parts given, although he probably should have just stayed in the hospital.NEVER…TRUST…BEING…RELEASED…FROM…THE…HOSPITAL…WHEN…YOUR…CHILDHOOD…HAD…A…HAUNTED….FUCKING….MIRROR……… And with that I leave you to make your own decision on this film. It is R if that attracts you, however I don’t see why it was rated above PG-13. You’ll see why. To be honest, I hope this movie does well, mainly so the horror business can continue, but you may want to consider waiting for the rental. It was definitely worth that at least. But $13 is $13, ya know?

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