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Hello again boob tube addicts, today I am continuing to express my adoration of the BBC as I tell you all about season 3 of Merlin. I have already told you that seasons 1 and 2 are pretty decent, but season 3 is where things get really fun. So if you are looking for a great retired TV show to catch up on, I definitely recommend checking out season 3 of Merlin. Let’s continue forward with a few spoilers to entice those who haven’t seen the show yet as well as reminisce with those that have.

Her and Cersei could definitely be long lost sisters...

The focus of season 3: Morgana the devil woman

So what is the main focus of season 3? Morgana. This woman is stunning (in her looks), delightful, and confused in the previous seasons, but this season is where things take quite a turn. Morgana has been struggling to suppress her magical tendencies for a while now considering that her guardian, King Uther, has banned magic and executes anyone that he catches practicing it. Now I really do love Anthony Head as Uther. He is such an abysmal character that makes the wrong decision as king again and again, but he is still likeable. He’s not cruel enough as Joffrey so you don’t actually want him to die a cruel and miserable death, but it would be nice to see him get his head set straight.

The epitome of an evil queen...

The epitome of an evil queen…

Those of us that know some of the legends regarding King Arthur know that Morgana is a sorceror who tries to defeat Arthur on many occasions, so it is interesting to see that finally play out. During Season 3 Morgana returns to Camelot after having gone missing, and she falls right in to her usual habits of captivating the king. But it becomes evident fairly quickly that she has ulterior motives, and in particular she is back in Camelot because her half-sister and witch Morgause sent her there to plot Arthur and Uther’s demise.

The manticore, one of many mythological creatures featured this season.

The manticore, one of many mythological creatures featured this season.

This season still has some silly stand-alone episodes full of heroism, laugh out loud moments, and interesting creatures that I am always happy to see. In addition to seeing Morgana’s evil and cruel side, which becomes even worse when she finds out that she is probably Uther’s illegitimate daughter, this season has some other interesting character development that I enjoyed. Several plots are devised by Morgana and Morgause to try to over throw Arthur and Uther. Cersei still has Morgana beat in the bitch department, but Morgana is rapidly closing the divide in this season. Especially as her desire for revenge become more important to her than old friendships.

Uther, as mentioned earlier, continues to make horrible decisions as Camelot’s ruler, but he also starts to become more vulnerable as his decisions lead to multiple problems within Camelot, and he proves to be the worst judge of character possible. I did find myself developing a little pity for him throughout the season.

They don't show it here, but they make Merlin and Gwen honorary knights too.

They don’t show it here, but they make Merlin and Gwen honorary knights too.

But thanks to Uther’s falling short, Arthur is able to step up to the plate, and really starts to grow in to the hero we all think of in the legends. In fact, the last two episodes of the season finale are titled “The Coming of Arthur” parts one and two, and during those episodes Morgana comes the closest yet to conquering Camelot. It is in this episode that the “Knights of the Round Table” we all picture in Arthurian legend is developed, and Arthur proves himself much more accepting and a better judge of character than his father. He also openly embraces his love for Gwen despite it being forbidden by his father that he marry a commoner.

The other character that recurs a couple times to my delight is the dragon voiced by John Hurt. Sadly Merlin’s character does not develop a whole lot during this season, but there is not a lot of growth needed in his department, he is already the most admirable character on the show. But he does develop more skills and confidence as the last Dragon lord, and any excuse to have a dragon on screen makes me happy.

A dragon ride is never disappointing.

A dragon ride is never disappointing.

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