The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 7: Blood Eagle


Good evening to you all my loyal band of blood letters and debt settlers. Have you all been waiting patiently for this week’s episode? Considering the way last week’s ended, I can’t blame you for being excited. Shit, I’ve had a semi all week just waiting to see if they actually put Jarl Borg to the blood eagle and to see where Lagertha goes from here due to what happened with her last week. A knife in the eye is a fitting end to that bastard. All that aside, this week is shaping up to be another serious episode of battle hardened goodness. Warriors! To arms!!

We start ourselves off with a haunting, snowy scene of Horik walking towards the great hall where Ragnar awaits. Horik wants to know if Ragnar is still going ahead with the execution of Borg, and Ragnar says he’ll keep him alive for the time being. Ragnar seems to feel slightly off concerning Horik, which I can understand considering his remarks about Athelstan. And wouldn’t you know it, here comes the dick king from the first season, King Aelle. This fucking guy. On the screen for 15 seconds and I already hate his guts. Which brings us to quite possibly one of the greatest thing to happen in this entire series….Floki is becoming a dad. He doesn’t seem to feel the same way I and hopefully you all feel…but he warms up to it for the most part. Now we have a wedding to plan! I’m assuming some kind of sacrilegious acts as the entertainment portion. He doesn’t however, want Ragnar at the ceremony. Everything else is Ragnar’s, and Floki wants something for himself for once. I can see that.

vikings season 1 king

Ragnar and Bjorn are having a nice little heart to heart, exchanging some advice on each other. Ragnar tells Bjorn not to think with his dick, which is going to be hard……because he likes that girl…..perverts. Horik goes to visit Jarl Borg, who seems to have a thing for keeping Borg alive, which Borg plays to quite exceptionally. He tells Horik that Ragnar is looking to eclipse Horik in terms of power and status, which Horik listens to a bit too closely. Borg tells him to kill Ragnar and make Rollo Earl, who could be a bit more easily controlled. Horik even goes so far as to give Borg back his first wife’s skull as a token of friendship. Isn’t that cute. Ragnar is very concerned about Athelstan, and goes to the Seer for some advice. He tells him Athelstan isn’t dead, but is with someone he already knows; The King. As we head into our first commercial break, we have wasted no time in getting down to dirty business. Some shady dealings, new alliances being possibly set up, Ragnar and Bjorn talking about dick brains, but no blood eagle just yet. Call me slightly impatient, but I really want to see if they go through with it. It could cause some serious issues. Not in terms of censorship, since we already crucified a man, but in terms of story. I’m excited.

We come back from commercial to see Rollo beating the shit out of some guys in the great hall, and after establishing his dominance, he asks Ragnar why he puts things past Horik in terms of making certain decisions. Ragnar responds by saying it’s because he is the king, and it seems like Ragnar is the only one not plotting anything at the moment besides the blood eagle. Bjorn is really into his crush, and in a move I was hoping would happen, asks Floki for some advice, who responds with literally the most sane thing that anyone has told him so far concerning girls. Good on ya Floki. Siggy, while talking with Floki’s girl, finds out he isn’t too happy with Ragnar at the moment, and immediately runs and tells Horik, like some kind of asshole. Bad form Siggy.

athelstan and ecbert

We shoot back to Ecbert and the dick king having a brainstorming session, and I have a feeling that Ecbert might become flustered with this guy due to his superior intelligence. I somewhat, kind of, really hope that happens.  He suggests an alliance between them, as they would become vastly more powerful, to which dick king responds in a very paranoid fashion, which is understandable. In a move that is more Thrones than anything else, a house marriage proposal is given, and then accepted, forming a nice little couplet of enemies for Ragnar. We come back from commercial to see Floki digging up what looks to be his father’s grave, and takes a sword from it. I’m assuming that will be used in the wedding ceremony somehow. And I was right. We get a dual wedding as the King’s children are married as well as Floki and Helga getting married. I am so happy for Floki right now. He looks unbelievably happy, and it gives us a nice little break from all the sabotage and murder….not like we needed it but you know what I mean.

floki gif

After the wedding celebrations, we get a rider showing up at Ragnar’s gates begging for audience with Ragnar. Rollo shows the man to Ragnar, and says he has an offer of partnership from Earl Ingstad, and pardon me if I spell that incorrectly. Ragnar, throughout this whole exchange, is playing what could be their version of Russian roulette…but with arrows….and shields…..and mead. Fuck yes. Horik goes back to visit Jarl Borg, while Rollo gets busy with Siggy. In the heat of passion, Rollo lets her know that he knows she’s been banging Horik, and chokes her just a bit to show her how pissed he is. Siggy really needs to calm the fuck down right now. Rollo and Ragnar literally just got back to talking, and she’s already trying to lay seeds of doubt in Rollo’s mind. Horik tells Borg that he’s going to help him escape and then together they will kill Ragnar. Ruh Roh. This could be awesome, and bad at the same time. There’s been so much treachery this season, and it’s getting hard for anyone to trust anyone else. It’s starting to become very close to a Mario Party session. Nothing has ruined more friendships than that….maybe Monopoly……or hard drugs.

We come back from commercial, and Bjorn asks Ragnar what a blood eagle is, to which Ragnar replies in the most accurate and brutal detail, lets him know. Ugh, just listening to it makes my skin crawl. DO IT NOW!! On a side note, just in terms of Travis Fimmel’s performance as Ragnar, the way his head twitches and rocks back and forth sometimes really makes you think that Ragnar is out of his fucking mind, but  genius at the same time. Good work sir. Ragnar heads out to meet up with the Earl who said he would help him out, and it actually turns out to be Lagertha, not a new Earl. YES. Lagertha lets him know that she is looking forward to going with Ragnar to raid, and she also lets him know they are equal now as she rules after last week’s events. Bjorn heads over to visit Borg in his cell, and I have a feeling he is feeling a bit of sympathy for the poor fella, even bringing him a bit of food to munch on. This could prove troublesome. I could gloss over what Aslaug and Ragnar are saying to each other concerning Lagertha joining them, but I didn’t really hear it because I was too busy watching Lagertha train shield maidens in the training yard. So sue me, but at least I’m honest.

beaten up borg

We are now back from our last break of the night, and head over to Jarl Borg in his cell, with a creepy something approaching him….who turns out to be Horik…who doesn’t set him free….but instead makes Borg believe he is. He runs right into the center of a giant congregation of led by Ragnar….and we at last have our blood eagle. I was so pumped to see it, but now I’m a bit hesitant. This is going to be brutal folks. Pardon me while I relax and watch this real quick. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not even going to describe what just happened. I honestly don’t think I could do it justice. All I will say is that it was tastefully and very well done. There is really no way to follow up that scene, and naturally that brings us to the end of this week’s episode. Previously, I thought that Athelstan getting crucified was the most brutal thing they showed this season, but now I have been made to feel stupid and naïve. In my defense though, I was unaware that there would be a blood eagle shown, and I am proven completely wrong in my previous prediction as to what the eagle meant for Borg. What really happened to him was far more violent and fucked up than I could have come up with. Next week is going to be a sort of change of direction since Borg has now been dealt with, with Lagertha, Ragnar and Horik forming our Viking Justice League. Will England be able to handle the might of them combined, or will they fall like the rest against the cunning and might of Ragnar’s crew? Till next week! For Ragnar! For Odin! And for Asgard!

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