Tales From Westeros – Season Four Is Upon Us!

Holy crap geeks, Lilith has delved in to the realm of current TV instead of her usual TV From The Crypts!! Has hell frozen over? Not exactly, but winter is coming. I am just way too in love with Daenerys and her dragons to wait until this show is retired, so I decided to join the slaves of HBO this week and start from the beginning of this most recent season of Game of Thrones. Not up to speed on the last several seasons? Well you can catch the gist of the last 3 seasons here, and continue onward for my take (spoilers and all) of this first episode of Game of Thrones: Season 4.


 Let’s start this episode off with a finally clean-shaven Jamie Lannister. In the conclusion to season 3 Jamie had finally been reunited with his sister, and season 4 starts off showing him gaining a new golden hand designed by his father. While we all hate the Lannisters, there is something special about Jamie (and Tyrion) that sets them apart. And what was interesting is out of all the characters to feel sorry for in this episode, I think Jamie was on the top of my list. Poor Jamie, finally back with his family and his beloved King’s Guard, is full of conflicted emotion. His incestuous sister Cersei feels betrayed by him despite the fact that he was MIA from her love life only because he was being held captive as a prisoner of war, during which time he was tortured and lost his right hand. Jamie resembled a pathetic puppy dog when his sister officially rejected him. Meanwhile Jamie’s father is trying to convince him to leave the King’s Guard and take up control of Casterly Rock, and Brienne is the permanent bug in Jamie’s ear trying to convince him to uphold his vow to the now murdered Lady Stark. Those of us who have read the books know where this will continue, but watching Jamie deal with his internal struggles this episode did open my heart to him a bit more.

Jamie Lannister is really growing on me.

Jamie Lannister is really growing on me.

We get to meet some new characters this episode, of which Prince Oberyn Martell from Dorne is probably the most important. Oberyn harbors quite a hatred against the Lannisters, so we can all hope that he helps bring the downfall of bastard king Joffrey.

I like how this story is developing...

I like how this story is developing…

Tyrion seems to be struggling with his desire to be moral now too, and even though he has not slept with Lady Sansa, he feels he needs to uphold his commitment to her as her husband and seems to have stopped pursuing sexual intimacies with other women. Of course this is leading to a lot of tension between Shae and Tyrion. Shae is personally one of my favorite characters in the show so far. She is beautiful, smart, sexy, confident, and fearless. But I also can have one of those sad and smug looks knowing what happens in the book, I’ll leave that for you all to ponder as this season unfolds.

cee6dcf5-803a-48a9-b43e-8150a64e1f20_Peter-Dinklage-as-Tyrion-Lannister-Sibel-Kekilli-as-Shae_photo-Neil-Davidson_HBO I mentioned why I watch this show is really for Daenerys and her dragons, so thankfully that addiction of mine was fulfilled this episode. Dany’s dragons are HUGE and I am so glad that HBO was willing to spend the money on the CGI this episode to show them in full form, flying and fighting over a lamb carcass. Of course, her dragons might be getting a bit too big for her. During the one scene with the dragons this episode her favorite baby, Drogon, turns on her and almost bites her as she tries to calm all the babies from fighting. It makes me sad that the monsters are a little out of control, but if they get a bit bigger they will be large enough to ride!

Speaking of Daenerys, my number one pet peeve of the entire episode was the re-casting of an important character. Daario Naharis was played by Ed Skrein in the last season, a long dirty blonde haired man with a viscous smile. This season he has been replaced by Michiel Hulsman, a dark-haired, bearded man with a more kind and endearing face. I have to admit, while I might like the looks of Hulsman more in real life, for the role of Naharis I preferred Skrein, someone that I felt had the potential to be vindictive or sneaky. This new actor spent some of the article courting Daenerys, and I personally want my queen untouched by these men. There seems to be way too much chance for disappointment with their pathetic high school like romance, not to mention its effect on Daenerys’ ruthless ruling. We’ll see how this plays out in future episodes, but I am not a fan of the new actor playing Naharis nor his motives in the story line.

I am NOT a fan of this romance going any farther...

I am NOT a fan of this romance going any farther…

There were several more important things that played out on this week’s episode, from Snow’s realignment with The Night’s Watch and Arya’s last minute bravery as she finally helped the Hound slay some assholes. But I’ve written about the parts that seemed to move me the most this week.


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