The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 6: Unforgiven


It’s been a long week my Norse brother and sisters. A long week of anticipation and waiting to see what’s going to be going down with our favorite pillagers. Last week saw Ragnar take back Kattegat from Jarl Borg but this week, it seems they may need to form a sort of team…..Viking Voltron anyone? What could possibly happen at would have these bitterest of enemies team up? Well that is what we are going to find out tonight, and it couldn’t be any more exciting. Grab your sword and board and lets get this indecent proposal laid out!

ragnar and kids 2

Doesn’t that recap just get you all jacked up for this week? We start off with Siggy speaking with the Seer, and someone is a little power hungry, huh? She misses her old life of being head lady of the village and wants that lifestyle back. Sorry Siggy, I think you my wind up having to wait a while for that. Unless Ragnar takes a liking to 4 ways….Horik makes his return to Kattegat and Ragnar lets him know what has happened while he was in England. Horik relays the events of England to him and lets Ragnar know that he didn’t find Athelstan, but doesn’t care because he thinks he was worthless. You may want to watch your words, even if Floki is backing him up on it. Bad Floki…. Horik thinks they should head back to Wessex and lay waste to Ecbert, but Ragnar says he wants to take care of Jarl Borg first. Horik seems to want to go to Wessex first, but thinks they should talk to Jarl Borg for an alliance, and this motherfucker flip flops like a goddamn Jacob’s Ladder. Rollo agrees, and it seems we have a decision. Rollo is going to try and be the one who brings Borg into the fold, and the ships of friendship are sailing. Hopefully they brought enough treats to share with everyone.

bloody borg

Horik is starting to throw down a whole bunch of possible treachery here. Someone is a sore loser it seems. He even wants Siggy to bang his son, which is kiiiiiiiind of awkward, but she accepts…albeit it awkwardly as well. Horik talks about playing games, but so far the only one who seems to be playing any games is him. Everyone else has been pretty upfront, barring a few little scraps and scrapes here and there. We head back to my favorite shield maiden, and I hate her new husband even more than ever. For some reason, he looks like a shitty version of Peter Dinklage to me. Lagertha is relatively unamused by him at this point. He’s pissed that Bjorn stayed with Ragnar, and begins to talk shit about Ragnar, which is not something he should be doing lightly. Lagertha is told she is sleeping alone tonight, and if you wanted to punish her, you could have picked something a bit better. SNEAK ATTACK!! That sonofabitch!! Lagertha just got beaten pretty badly, and I’m fuming. This guy is literally my most hated character in this show and I hope to Odin that he is dealt with in appropriate fashion. Shit, Athelstan got crucified by that priest and I didn’t get as pissed. That’s saying something.

We come back from our first commercial break and we seem to have a love interest for Bjorn. Go get her, buddy! He’s a handsome dude, I’m sure he can seal this up. Unfortunately though she seems to have a boyfriend, which I’m not really seeing as a problem. Aslaug meets up with Ragnar and wants to know why Horik seems to be making most of the decisions and doesn’t understand why they have to deal with Borg. Rollo finally makes it to Borg’s estate, and they have a nice little chit chat with skills and dead wives. Jeebus, even in death he still listens to his first wife. That’s a dedicated man…..Rollo lets him know the deal, and Borg turns to his dead wife’s skull for the answers. He says she thinks he should go, and in this show of slight madness, I have fallen in love with Borg. Fuck yeah. Ecbert shows his face, and so does Athelstan. Athelstan seems to be enjoying himself with his old religious ties, but still has a reverence of the Norse gods and does not bad mouth them. Good move, guy. Ecbert says that he is for some reason is very trustful of Athelstan, as they both are slightly more open minded than most of the others there. Ecbert actually seems to enjoy the Pagan gods, as he was formerly Pagan himself. I honestly hope they both go back to Odin and form up a massive party of raiders…..but one can only dream.

athelstan robes

Bjorn notices his new love interest dancing, and seems to fall into a sort of trance. I have a feeling he is going to challenge her man to some fisticuffs, and I’m pretty pumped to see it. We come back from commercial and Athelstan is having his drug flashbacks again, this time feeling blood trickle down his face. I’m pretty interested to see where this is going. He’s been having those visions for a while now and I’m hoping it pans out into something worth while. Ecbert leads him into a sort of treasure room, and starts to show him all the scrolls and information he has available. Athelstan gets a word boner after being allowed to read one, and he seems to be enjoying himself a bit more than I would have hoped. I’m still betting on an escape, but its going to be difficult with Ecbert making him guardian of knowledge in his secret treasure room. He gives him a stern warning to keep it between them, and threatens to let them crucify him should he reveal it to anyone. Rollo returns with Borg and his dead wife’s skull being carried by his current wife, and my brain just exploded. They all seem to be making nice considering how savagely they all fought the last time they saw eachother. Borg tells Ragnar that he is a greater man than he is, and shows us a bit of his humbler sign. Ragnar also lets him know that Horik was the one who said they should team back up, since everyone is being honest and whatnot.

We head back to Lagertha, and she is looking kind of bad at this point. Beat up, bruised and still somewhat bloody. Her husband isn’t through embarrassing her though, and gropes and touches her before declaring how she has the greatest rack in the land to everyone in the room. This is going to get ugly real quick and OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTTT SHE JUST FUCKING STABBED HIM IN THE EYEBALL!! FUCK YES!! Oh man, satisfying isn’t even the word. Right as he was about to tear her shirt off and show everyone what he was talking about, she turns real quick and buries her knife right into his eye socket. This is why I fucking love this show. No dragging things out, just vengeance real fucking quick. I apologize for all the swearing this week, but after being on the road all day, my sailor’s vocabulary is getting the best of me. As we come back from commercial, we see her husband lying on the ground in pain, when one of is men draws his sword and walks toward Lagertha. Surprisingly, he uses it to hack off that bastard’s head. Glorious. We get a nice little scene of Aslaug telling a story to the kids, and we catch up with Rollo and Siggy, who seems to have told Rollo about her little trist with Horik. Rollo grabs an axe and storms off. This could get ugly, but not before we see Borg looking longingly at his dead wife’s skull. This should have been introduced before, simply for entertainment value. Before we head into our last commercial break of the evening, we see Rollo not heading into the direction of Horik like I thought he would, but to the barn where Borg’s men are. They lock them in, and Rollo sets fire to the whole place. Definitely did not see that one coming. What’s in store for Borg then?

oh shit

We come back from our last break and Rollo is looking for Bjorn, who is off with his lady friend. Seems he didn’t have to fight the guy after all…unfortunately. Back in Borg’s room, Rollo kicks his door in and they take him by force, then proceed to kick the shit out of him. Borg is understandably pissed, and Horik wakes up due to the ruckus. Seems Ragnar knew about this, but Horik didn’t. They plan to kill Borg, and Ragnar states he would never be able to forgive him, which I sort of thought would happen, just not this quick. Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been treated to two words that no man should ever have to utter, or have them spoken in their direction. Blood eagle. I didn’t think they would go so far as that, but it looks like next week they may do so. I’m slightly horrified yet super excited to see that. For some reason, I doubt we’ll see it as something may happen to prevent it, as usual, but if it does happen, we’re all in for some pretty awful scenes. So what do you guys think? Will we see Jarl Borg escape now that he has become pretty interesting with his dead wife’s skull? Or will we see him get flayed out like so much beef? This week gave us a hell of an episode. We got to see Lagertha do some work on that bastard, and shit got real in the vengeance department. I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but next week can’t come soon enough. Not even if you do it properly. Till next week Vikings! For Ragnar! For Odin! And for Asgard!!

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  1. The series just keeps getting better!

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