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My headline says all it needs to about this weeks episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Let’s recap what’s gone on so far in the past few weeks… first Skye was gunned down and left for dead by Ian Quinn who was working for the Clairvoyant. Mike Peterson who seemed like a good guy was transformed into the cybernetic Deathlok, and the team rushed to get the Coulson cure for Skye which turned out to be some blue guys alien blood! On top of that, it appeared that Melinda May is a double agent of some sort ending the last episode with Coulson knows… Wanna know where we go from here, just keep on reading!


SHIELD agents

First off this week starts an arc called Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Uprising, that appears crossover with the new Captain America release this week based on the Cap Shield Logo. This episode hits the ground running and saw the return of Agents Garrett, Triplet, Sitwell, Blake, and Hand! We open with Garrett and Triplet in Australia hunting down the Clairvoyant when Deathlok attacks! The bursts in and they are actually prepared for him with some high end artillery and a night night gun, so he heads off and Garrett calls Coulson. Coulson picked up the agents mentioned previously and brings them up to 50,000 feet so Deathlok can’t get to them. Explains that they’ve wittled the list of possible clairvoyants down to 13 candidates who were rejects on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s gifted list. Coulson suggests that a member of his team can sift through all the data that Garrett has gathered and make strategic choices to hunt down this baddie, unfortunately she doesn’t have clearance, so he basically strong-arms Victoria Hand into making Skye a bona-fide Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. so she can lead the team logistically, kinda like Oracle. Skye suggests a double-blind scenario where teams of two are sent into the field, one agent knows the location and the other knows the mark, that way the Clairvoyant can’t glean all the info out of any one person.

Everyone seems happy (except Hand, and maybe Blake) that Skye’s made and agent and Garrett even says “You deserve it. You took two in the gut, thats more than Sitwell here has ever done!” I’ve watched this a couple times and that line combined with Bill Paxtons hillbilly-ness just works every time.

While all of this is going down, Mike Peterson is in a room awaiting orders and gets a delivery of a Weapons System gauntlet that he attaches to his arm. He receives a message from the Clairvoyant they “They’re coming for me, it’s time to meet.”

Back on the Bus, Sitwell is ordered to the Triskelion and Hand returns to HQ to act as backup as the teams need it (and because she hates everyone :).) Triplet and Ward, May and Blake, and Coulson and Garret go into the field and it seems fishy at all places. May and Blake win the lottery on the search at a hospital for a patient that S.H.I.E.L.D. had reched out to earlier, but was basically a vegetable. And what do they win??? A whole lotta Deathlok, who damn near kills Blake and uses those new weapon systems on Melinda May. Deathlok escapes and Blake is in critical condition when Fitz figures that he can find the Clairvoyant by tracking down Deathlok.

The real Deathlok

S.H.I.E.L.D. gets a mini army together and storms a warehouse. Fitz send his robots in to search for our cybernetic friend and when they find him we get a badass visual, basically a negative that looks just like the comic book version of our ol’ buddy. They send Fitz and Skye to safety and go in after Mike, who decimates S.H.I.E.L.D.’s soldiers. Somehow Garrett and Coulson survive and go after Mike. They find this guy strapped into a gurney-like structure with all these tubes going into him and a bunch of monitors on all around him. He talks to them through the computer like Stephen Hawking. They found Thomas Nash, aka The Clairvoyant!!!

Nash tells them that he could see everything, except what Coulson saw and now that he’s lured him there he can see that he’s a broken man and now he knows his thoughts. He tells him that a force is coming after Skye, that someone is coming after her. Nash plays the diabolical comic book villain well, but in mid-speak Ward just shoots him dead to rights! WHAAAAAA? Not gonna lie, didn’t see that coming…

So now Ward is gonna get sent up river to be reviewed for his field actions and the teams disperse. They throw him into holding as they transpire them back to HQ. May tells Coulson that Fury is back from wherever the hell he’s been for the past few episodes and wants to speak with him. Meanwhile Fitz sneaks off to the communications room for some private time, no not that kind… get your head outta your ass! Anyway, earlier in the episode both Agent’s Triplet and Simmons went to the hub, where Simmons was going to try to secretly study a sample of Skye’s alien blood. He calls her on a private line to tell her whats going on and find out what she’s learned and finds that there is a hacked line of sorts in the communications bay.

Skye talks to Ward to see what he was thinking. He tells her that the Clairvoyant was a bad guy and would keep doing bad things, so it had to be done. He threatened Skye and he couldn’t let anything happen to her. He hit all the right triggers. Skye talks to Coulson and starts to deduce that maybe the Clairvoyant isn’t dead, Coulson agrees since the guy never talked, but the computer did, but now they’ll never know. She tells him that all of the things that the Clairvoyant has “seen” could really just be data compiled by a high ranking officer with enough clearance, which leads Coulson into Wards cell screaming at him wanting to know who gave him the order to kill Nash!


Meanwhile, Fitz searches the bugged line into Mays quarters and she finds him. He gets out of there with his nerdy Scotish charm, but tells Skye right away and runs to his lab. She tells Coulson and next thing we see is May shooting at Fitz, who is luckily behind bulletproof glass! Coulson confronts her and Skye gets the double drop on her and Phil is going nuts. Has she been working with the Clairvoyant all this time? They trusted her! He trusted her! She tells them that it’s not that but she can’t tell them there on the Bus… just then someone takes over the plane!!! They ask her what is going on and she has no idea! We cut to Victoria Hand at her command center at HQ. She tells them to take out the whole plane, except Coulson, he mine!


If that wasn’t enough, after the break we get what looks like one of the first scenes of Cap 2, which finds Nick Fury himself on the run down the streets of a busy metropolitan area being chased by cops. Looks like he’s been compromised and is going to one of his safe houses, that we all know he is known for when the Winter Soldier pops up and takes him out!!!

What does this mean for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Well my bet is that May has been working directly with Fury as a “Secret Commando” and that Hand is in league with Robert Redford’s character from the new Cap movie who appears to take over the organization. Hand is a shifty character in the comics, so I can see her trying to grab power while she can and try to get rid of any pesky question-askers in the process. What comes next? Well, you’ll have to see next week when we review Agents of Shield Uprising, but hopefully this ties further into Captain America: The Winter Soldier which we’ll be reviewing tomorrow!

Later internet!

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