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Here we find ourselves Evil Geeks, at the end of another season of our favorite zombie infestation! Last week we got a little bit of happiness in our sadness stew, so naturally we’re expecting a heaping scoop of sorrow in the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead. Will a newly reunited Glen and Maggie be torn apart by death? Would Tyreese decide that maybe he wasn’t as forgiving of Carol as he thought he was? Will Carl finally emo somebody to death! So many questions for such a small hour! Let’s get to it!


Well…Terminus huh? Yeah, who’d have thunk a place with an incredibly ominous name like Terminus could have turned out to not be the safe haven that it was advertised as? How about anyone with an ounce of common sense? Come on, now! In a world where the only human beings left alive are the ones willing to do anything, no matter how evil or inhumane, to survive, how long do you think a town welcoming every single person who reaches it would actually last? Chances are within a week of broadcasting their radio signal, they’d have been invaded by a marauding band of cannibals, armed to the teeth and methed out of their minds.  Nice people don’t survive in this world, especially ones who trust strangers.  Speaking of marauding cannibals, does anyone else think that’s what the people of Terminus really are?  Did you see any chickens or livestock running around the streets of terminus? When it comes to that meat the “welcoming committee” was serving up, the best case scenario for what that really was is that it was rat meat, like in Demolition Man. Realistically though, it was most likely human meat. While it was good to see (nearly) everyone reunited even though they were all incarcerated, to me the cliffhanger ending didn’t feel like a season ending conclusion; it would’ve been more suited to a midseason finale.  It seemed obvious that Terminus wouldn’t be all it was cracked up to be, so why not leave us with a mind blowing revelation or maybe a shocking death.  “They screwed with the wrong people.” Yeah Rick, we know; we just don’t want to wait until October to see how the gang gets out of this pickle. I thought it was a nice touch of irony that the group used to live in a prison, which they’ve spent half a season longing for and wishing they could just get back to, now find themselves as prisoners. Be careful what you wish for I guess?


Even though the bulk of the group is now being held at Terminus, there’s still hope for Rick and the gang.  Still out there somewhere are the newly sans children Carol and Tyreese, as well as the erstwhile Beth.  I think Carol and Tyreese are the group’s best chances of getting out of Terminus uneaten, either by zombie or man.   Tyreese certainly is a threat due to his hulking frame as well as his hammering skill and we know for SURE that Carol has no problems killing people who threaten the lives of her friends, so I think those two are the ones who’re going to come to the rescue of the rest of the group.  As for our other missing survivor; I honestly don’t think we’re going to be seeing her again, I think it’s like Darryl said, “She’s just gone”.  Darryl, the only person who knows what happened to her, doesn’t seem to have hunting for Beth on his high priority list. Aside from that, there really are no leads when it comes to who may have been responsible for her kidnapping.  There’s be no clues or allusions to who it may have been and nearly no mentions of Beth at all since she disappeared, so I think that’s just the end of her story.  She was there one moment, then gone the next; most likely taken by some ne’er do well who has some less than honorable intentions for the lass.  Sorry Beth, but that’s why we never get in cars with strangers.

To me the most interesting part of this finale was Rick, Carl, and Michonne’s run in with Joe and his unctuous henchmen.  It was interesting not only for the chance to see Rick order up an nice warm plate of throat sashimi, but for the moral conundrum it presents Rick.  How does he teach his son that you need to do whatever you possibly can do to survive, but at the same time how can you do anything to survive and still maintain a grip on humanity. Rick lost his composure in front of Carl, who seemed a little traumatized by the incident.  How do you get a kid to learn where the imaginary and arbitrary line between acceptable behavior and animalistic behavior begins and ends? Rick wants Carl to be a decent human being,  but is that even possible for that to happen in a world like this?

Another interesting revelation in this episode was the story of how Michonne lost her son but gained two walkers as pets.  We knew that Michonne’s story wouldn’t be a happy one, but it was especially tragic. Her son basically died because the two people who were supposed to be watching him (her boyfriend and his friend) got high and ended up getting attacked by zombies.  Her son was eaten and the lax babysitters were bitten in the ensuing melee. Everyone had assumed that she traveled with the walkers because they kept other zombie from attacking her, but in truth she was forcing penance upon the two men responsible for the death of her child. That’s all pretty dark, making the fact that Michonne is a personable as she is with the people she cares about that much more remarkable.

Overall I dug the episode, but the ending was just way too predictable.  We had some craziness with the dust up with Joe and his men and learned some important new things about Michonne.  Our gang may be locked up in a cattle car right now, but surely they’ll be back, guns blazing; taking out Terminus fools like there’s no tomorrow.  See you in October Evil Geeks!

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