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Pulp Corner: Sleeper

I tend to buy a lot of comics based both on my interest and the pedigree of the author without having read a single issue. It’s been known to bite me on the ass on occasion but more often than not I come away pleased with what I’ve read. Since returning to comic books Ed Brubaker has consistently dazzled me with almost everything I’ve picked up, but it’s his collaborations with artist Sean Phillips that I’ve loved the most. I could gush all day about Fatale and perhaps I will when the series wraps up in a few short months but I’m here today to discuss their first long form collaboration, Sleeper.

Layout 1

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Breaking News: Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Confirmed!

The stars from the original trilogy? Luke, Leia, and Han…Check
The soul of the original trilogy? Chewie, R2, and 3PO…Check
A bunch of newbies assembled to build a new franchise?…Check
Thats’s right Evil Geeks, just this afternoon via star Disney and Lucasfilm announced the cast of Star Wars Episode VII!
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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – I Love Being a Turtle

It’s been ever so long since we’ve toured the hallowed halls of the Evil Geeks Art Gallery, my fellow appreciators of the fine arts. You see, the Collabotron has been in the shop, someone got a tuna fish sandwich good and stuck in the inspiration intake valve and the only guy who repairs these things is like 90, so it’s been a rough couple of months.

We’re coming back with a bang, though, and it’s safe to say you may experience a bit of… shellshock… from this entry. You’ll understand that delightful play on words in mere moments, dear readers, since today we tackle the cover to the classic video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


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Ep 073 – Adapting to Adaptations


This weeks finds Arthur Harkness, Biff Tannen, C-MArt, Martian Luthor Kang the 117th, and Undies of Wondy contemplating the pros and cons of the often dreaded ADAPTATION. Be they from book to movie, comic to movie, video game to movie, or even movie to TV show, sometimes something gets lost in translation and our favorite works get muddled as they make the transition to a different medium.  Every so often though, one works out for the best.  Listen as the Evil Geeks dissect some of the most famous and some of the most infamous!

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TV From The Crypts: Fringe Season 2

Welcome back my TV loving geeks, are you ready for part two of Lilith’s Fringe mission? Of course you are! And I am ready to bring it to you. Last time I think the Buzzfeed-style post went over well, so I will give it a go again. I devoured season two with just as much enjoyment as the first time I watched it, and these are Lilith’s top 22 moments from Fringe Season 2. Spoilers to follow.


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Resurrection: ABC’s Attempt to Make You Kill Yourself

resurrection 1

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you decide to check something out that you may not be entirely sure of. It’s called courage in some places, in others, it’s called madness. I don’t usually stray too far from my comfort zone in terms of what I put into my brain for entertainment consumption, but after exhausting the shows I was currently into on NetFlix and running out of ways to try and convince Lady Harkness to watch The Wire, we decided to check out Resurrection. The show was already a few episodes in, about 5 or 6 I would say, so if we liked it, we had something to watch for a few days. I popped it on, sat back in my chair and prepared to enjoy something new. Forty five minutes later, I was struggling not to kill myself. Let me explain.

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