Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Daenerys Targaryen

Wow, today is it folks. I am so sad to be bringing this month long jaunt of warrior women to a close. But I am lovingly doing it with Deanerys Targaryen, the beloved khaleesi, the mother of dragons. We are after all less than a week away from Season 4 of Game of Thrones, and this woman warrior is my current idol.



If you have read the books, which are nearly identical to though much more detailed than the show, it is fascinating watching Daenerys come in to her own in the first novel. Dany, as she is called by her selfish and abusive older brother, is only 16 years old when we first meet her. And she is being sold off by her brother to the leader of a tribe of horse-riding barbarians, or so it seems when we first encounter the Dorthraki. The first thing you probably feel for Daenerys when we first met her is pity. She is beaten by her brother on a regular basis, sexually abused by anyone who will pay her brother enough money for it, and sold in to a marriage like a sex slave as a teenager. But much like Lisbeth Salandar, Daenerys does not give you a lot of reason to continue pitying her.

1024px-Daenerys_czerwone_pustkowieFrom the moment she is entered in to the marriage with Khal Drogo she starts to gain confidence. She has a heart that seems moral and just despite her brother having been a horrible role model for years, and she learns how to play her husband so that he too will show forgiveness and kindness in order to please his wife. She learns more about her sexual side with Khal Drogo as well, and while you start off feeling horrible that this poor young girl is almost being raped by this heathen, she quickly learns to appreciate sexual intimacy with her husband and learns how to teach him to respect her inner desires.


The first moment that Daenerys really shows her stamina and strength is during the ceremony with the Dorthraki Wise Women, where she eats an entire horse heart in order to prove her worthiness of bearing the child that will one day rule the Dorthraki. Daenerys embraces her Dorthraki role as Khaleesi and becomes one of the most inspiring Dorthraki queens even if it was only for a short while that she held the role. Emilia-Clarke-in-GAME-OF-THRONES-Season-3

On the loss of her husband Drogo Daenerys continues to show strength and leadership qualities. She also has the compassion to in a sense humanely euthanize her husband when he is destined to a life as an emotionless shell. And while she before has shown mercy and kindness to people, it is in that moment when she has lost both her unborn son and her husband that she shows she can be just and cruel at the same time. She exacts her revenge on the woman responsible for her husband’s death by burning her at the stake, and births her own dragons as she sits in the fire with their eggs proving herself as a true Targaryen.


As the story continues Daenerys does show an interest in being the queen of the Iron Throne, thinking herself the rightful heir. Throughout the series in her quest for this position she becomes a freer of slaves, and duly accumulates quite an impressive following. I know I would follow her and her dragons in to battle any day. This woman is meant to rule, and my only hope is that she survives the wrath of George R. R. Martin. The dragon mother and queen is truly a woman warrior to respect, and I know I am anxiously awaiting her return to the small screen next week. 1-daenerys-targaryen-actress

Well folks, with that we have completed another month long theme for you and I hope you enjoyed reading it all as much as we enjoyed writing it. Women’s History Month with the Evil Geeks will forever be remembered as a month of smart, sexy, and strong feminine fun!

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  1. Daenerys is certainly a fascinating character. It’s cool that her story is so compelling, even if it isn’t interwoven strongly with everyone else.

    Game of Thrones, six days away!

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