Happy 75th Birthday Batman!

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Ten cents can’t buy you much of anything today, but 75 years ago to the date that lucky dime of yours could buy you a copy of Detective Comics #27 and give you a guaranteed 64 pages of action and most importantly, introduce you to The Bat-Man!

Batman 75

The Bat-Man? With a “the” and a hyphen? Yup, that’s right. In the beginning he wasn’t the common household name that we all know today. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the vigilante comic was a hit and within a year the dark knight sensation got a second comic of his own and history tells the rest of the story that we all know today!

DC Comics plans a 75 Anniversary celebration For the birthday occasion, I bring you a panel from his first appearance and a promise… To celebrate the Bat all year long! I know, I know… I already do that, right? Well yeah, but I’ll have the whole comics industry doing it with me this year with DC throwing the party!


Along with the logo showcased above, DC is pulling out all of the stops this year for Mr. Wayne including a new comic coming out this month; Batman Eternal, two animated movies; Son of Batman and Assault on Arkham, a new video game in Arkham Knight, the release of the 1960’s TV show to DVD, the brand new series about a young Wayne and Gordon simply named Gotham, two new animated shorts; one by Bruce Timm and the other by Darwyn Cooke, and Batman Day! Yup, get July 27th on your calendars, imagine Free Comic Book Day, but this time it’s solely for our favorite Caped Crusader! All this for a guy who dresses like a bat? Damn straight man, damn straight! If you ask me, the celebration for Supes 75th last year was simply a practice run for the real superhero that the whole world loves! On top of all that, DC is running a pretty awesome contest to win a ton of Bat-Goodies in celebration of the anniversary, so sign up here!

sign up and win now!

Happy Birthday Batman…Now we eat cake!


Yes, that is a Batman Cake, and yes we celebrate Batman as a family!

Yes, that is a cake for Batman’s Birthday. And yes, The Evils celebrate Batman as a family dammit!

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