Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Turanga Leela

Happy Sunday geeks. Today, our second to last day from the end of our Woman Warrior jaunt, we are featuring Leela from Futurama. You all know from previous posts this month that I love a strong female role, and I love role reversal. In many ways Leela brings us both.


Turanga Leela is a Cyclops, and for a very long time throughout the series we do not know what species of alien she is as she just happened to be left at an orphanage’s doorstep as a baby. Despite her lack of parentage, Leela grows into a strong and confident person. She is smart, physically and emotionally strong, and in many ways a true leader.


Later in the series we learn that Leela is actual the daughter of two sewer mutants who previously were not allowed above the sewer system, and that they faked her being a potential alien species in order to give her the chance at a better life where she could escape an eternity in the sewage system.

Throughout the series Leela is definitely the one who saves the day more often than not. She is the Captain of their ship and rescues the crew from inevitable destruction several times.

And on a side note, Leela has an incredibly soft heart despite her more bristly exterior. She and I are kindred spirits when it comes to animals, and the two of us proudly label ourselves as animal rights activists.


Straight shooter Leela is definitely a woman warrior we all want piloting our space ship. And get ready for our last Woman Warrior Spotlight tomorrow.

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