Your Weekend Creature Comforts: White Walkers

Are you geeks as stoked as I am that Game of Thrones Season 4 starts in just over a week?!?! With the anticipation for the continuation of this amazing show, I have decided to spend the next two weeks talking about creatures from this stunning series. Today we spotlight White Walkers.


Even after having read some of the books, I was always a little confused about White Walkers and what they actually were. When Jon Snow and his wolf save some of the masters from what I thought was a White Walker at the time reanimating, I assumed they were another version of a zombie. But on closer inspection they are much more complicated than that.

White Walkers are humanoid in appearance, though are much taller with a pale white skin that stretches over their gaunt frame. They also tend to have long, wispy white hair. And the most startling feature they carry is glowing ice-blue eyes.


These walkers, unlike zombie counterparts, are magical and can control snow and ice somewhat. They can make objects freeze just by touch, and their coming is typically preceded by blizzards and snowstorms (aka Winter Is Coming). They are super strong and speak their own language. They also use long spears as weapons that are made of unbreakable ice crystal.

The confusion with zombies is that Walkers also possess the ability to reanimate the dead. They are not dead themselves, but they can create and control zombies. These zombies are known as wights in the series. The wights can be killed a little bit more easily than the walkers with the use of fire. The only way to kill a White Walker is to stab it with dragonglass, which will cause it to turn to ice and shatter into thousands of pieces.


While I am sure there will be a lot more White Walkers to come in the future, I have already been pleasantly impressed by this species. They leave quite a lasting impression afterall, and the very first episode of the entire show featured one of the most terrifying White Walker encounters yet. game-thrones-zombie

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  1. Cool series! Cannot wait until next week when we’re able to see the show again. The geek-blogosphere is going to be such fun.

  2. Nice summary of the supernatural menace!

    I do wish the show used the common term for the White Walkers that the books use: The Others.

    It makes it less confusing that the Wights (who walk) and the White Walkers (who also ride.)

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