The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 5: Answers in Blood



Welcome back to your home for bloodshed and treasure with yours truly and our merry band of brothers and shield maidens. I know you have all been anticipating this week’s episode as we finally get a chance to see Bjorn and Ragnar finally head into battle side by side in a fight that could prove to be the beginning and end of a lot of things in their world. I have been smashing things around the lair in anticipation of this and it’s gotten to the point that I have almost run out of things to crush against my face, so it’s a good thing that Thursday is finally upon us. Vikings! Shield Maidens! Rollo! Grab your weapons and let’s fucking do this!

vikings reunion

You know, I’ve been meaning to try out that Vikings fantasy league and try to win a walk on role. They wouldn’t even need to give me props….I’ve got everything I’d possibly need….albeit a bit more sharp. We start out with Rollo, Lagertha and Bjorn making their reunions. It’s touching that there’s no hard feelings. Floki’s even excited to see Bjorn all grown up. I have been dreading and anticipating the next meeting of Lagertha and Aslaug, but unfortunately there was no bloodshed. Ragnar puts an end to all of the sentimental stuff by rallying the troop to come up with a plan. Jarl Borg is going to have a serious issue on his hands soon, and we are all going to be the better for it. They state that the best way to get to Borg is to take care of all of their food, which is sound advice. You cut that off, and you can do some serious damage…just ask Stannis about that. We cut to Ecbert who seems to be putting Athelstan to good use. Athelstan is having such a rough time. Poor guy gets crucified, then made to go back to something he thought was far behind him. The cloth can do that to you. What do you guys think? Will he revert back to Christianity or will he stay amongst the Pagan gods? I’m hoping he’s all Pagan.

We finally get to Ragnar and Bjorn sneaking back into town to try and mess up some food stores, and Ragnar puts a fucking axe into some poor man’s face. I screamed at my tv in elation. We’re getting some pretty excellent thief style sabotage here with Bjorn and Ragnar getting some work done, even Bjorn’s friend is doing some serious damage to Borg’s men. I’m usually not a big fan of sneak attacks as I am a staunch believer of the Conan method, but sometimes it is necessary….sometimes. As we hit our first commercial break, we have already covered so much ground in Ragnar’s vengeance on Borg. That is the best part of this show. We don’t have to wait 3 seasons to see some plot resolution or something big happen. Things happen at a decent pace and the show never feels like it’s dragging anything out. No powering up, no transformations, no long thought out reflections on a cliff side to gather ones thoughts. They see the problem and they fucking solve it. I love it and it makes the wait between each episode not as bad because you know something is going to happen next week, not 4 months from now.

bloody bjorn

As we come back we see Borg inspecting his food stores and how badly they have been fucked, and decide to go out looking for who did it. We come to Bjorn’s friend sitting on a log in the woods, unfortunately for us though he’s dead….but Ragnar and his men are not, and they emerge from the trees. There’s so many of them. Excuse me for one minute while I black out in anticipation of this battle. I’ll be right back. Odin’s beard. Did you guys just see that? The look between Ragnar and Borg. Such fire and intensity is rarely matched as they literally just read each other like open books. Ragnar is unyielding, savage, and calculating whereas Borg is finally realizing what he unleashed in the taking of Kattegat. Ragnar comes back to take his city and is greeted with open arms by everyone. Lagertha and Bjorn seem happy to be home, and Ragnar is happy to have them home. He’s got quite the family now, but will Lagertha stay? I think Bjorn will find a way to convince her, or she may finally give into Ragnar’s previous request….if you remember.

We head back to Athelstan and I still feel for the guy. Everywhere he goes, people are hounding him about his religion and where his spiritual loyalties lie. His visions are becoming freakier, but it just turns out to be the girl he helped save earlier. He’s having quite a few LSD flashbacks, and I think he should call up Rust to see how to deal with it. Little True Detective joke for you guys there….you’re welcome. As we shoot back to Kattegat, we are in the middle of a sacrifice/execution. Rollo is about to drop the axe, but Ragnar tells Bjorn to do it, who does with seemingly no problem, even getting a little blood on his face. Rollo then shows us he follows the Archer from Face Off method and wipes his hand down Bjorn’s face. Has no one ever heard of goddamn Purell? Ragnar takes a nice little trip to the seer, and we are treated to some Nordic lore to educate us. Ragnar wants both Lagertha and Aslaug, and the Seer says that he needs to choose not by face, foot, or appearance in any fashion, but by their hearts….this is assuming he has a choice in the matter.

bloody family

We cut to Athelstan who has just done something huge in taking communion. His confusion and chem trails are starting to get the best of him, and he seems to be heading back towards the path of Christ. This could spell trouble for him. Horik doesn’t seem the type to be too forgiving, and neither is Floki concerning the Gods. We come back from commercial and Ragnar is having a little powwow with Aslaug concerning Lagertha. Ragnar lets her know that he wants them both to stay, to which she isn’t so keen on the idea, but doesn’t say anything. You can say what you want about him but Ragnar is persistent in his wants. He goes to find Lagertha, and this could get pretty interesting. I hope Lagertha and Bjorn stay in Kattegat, and he drops a subtle hint that he doesn’t care what Aslaug thinks of the whole thing. YES. Rollo seems to still have some sort of feelings for Lagertha, but he loves Siggy now rather than Lagertha. Athelstan seems to be breaking and questioning why God isn’t answering him, which is a question on the minds of millions of people, guy. God, in his almighty wisdom, sends some kind of demon vision that scares the shit out of him, and we are questioning Athelstan’s wavering faith and sanity.

awkward hug

After our last commercial break, we come back to Ragnar passing some sweet justice, until a messenger comes bearing ill news about the fate of Horik and Athelstan, and Ragnar is distressed. Lagertha shows up and lets everyone know she has an announcement, and we’re all giddy with anticipation. She states that Bjorn can stay, but she has to go as she has a duty to her husband, that abusive prick. Aslaug catches up with Lagertha, and she says thank you for everything she has done, and we are treated to a somewhat awkward yet stoic hug by the two ladies. I have to be honest, I’m sad to see her go, but I don’t think it’s the last of her we will see. With the episode over, we are left with some closure, but also some open situations that need to be resolved. If you guys caught the preview, you know that next week is going to be ridiculous. Borg is back, and not in the way you think. Once again, I can barely fucking wait. Till next week Vikings. For Ragnar! For Odin! And for Asgard!

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