Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: She-Hulk

Barreling straight through the fourth wall, She-Hulk has transcended from her roots as a cheap knock-off of a beloved Marvel character to become one of that company’s strongest female characters.


Savage She Hulk 1

And she sure did have a long way to climb…

Perhaps the last notable creation of Stan Lee, She-Hulk’s creation was not exactly a labor of love. With the Incredible Hulk’s huge success on television, Marvel was nervous, since  any viable characters created on the show would  not belong to them. So they had Stan the Man throw together a quick story about a female Hulk (the most likely legally distinct variation that TV would think up) to beat them to the punch. Since Marvel’s publication of the character granted them the rights, all She-Hulk had to do was exist. And exist, she did!

Savage She-Hulk 13

Now, since She-Hulk was more or less just the Hulk with a top on, the book wasn’t a huge success. Thankfully, however, creators seemed to like the character and she didn’t just fall into obscurity. Staying alive in the background of the Marvel Universe, She-Hulk eventually joined most of Marvel’s other heroes on Battleworld courtesy of the Secret Wars mini-series, and ended up going home with the Fantastic Four. And, since the ever-loving blue-eyed Ben Grimm had opted to stay on Battleworld, She-Hulk fit in nicely on the roster.

she-hulk ff

It was at this time, under the stewardship of John Byrne, that She-Hulk fully became the character we know and love today. While these issues often tackled serious and grand stories, they were laced with humor as well, and She-Hulk’s enormous stature belied a light heart. Byrne seemed quite fond of this side of her, and wrote a large chunk of She-Hulk stories during and after his Fantastic Four run.

Sensational She Hulk

What really separates She-Hulk from her cousin Bruce is the fact that we rarely ever see the Jennifer Walters persona, and She-Hulk is almost always in control of her emotions. These days, the stories tend to focus on (or at least revolve around) her career as an attorney! When she has a mental breakdown and starts smashing things, it’s an event. Banner, meanwhile, does it on a daily basis.

She-Hulk Kolins

Also, it’s just fascinating to me that one of the most relatable,  strongest, and by virtue of that, sexiest characters in the whole of the Marvel Universe is a 6’7″ green-skinned monster. Anywho, join us tomorrow as we near the close of our Women’s History Month festivities.

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  1. I love She-Hulk! Funny, Strong and hardworking woman. She’s also one of few superheroine that tall, have massive muscle and six packs.

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