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I couldn’t resist writing yet another installment of ‘Women’s History Month Warriors’, to acknowledge the fictional woman who inspired my social media handle, and who dons the official “Undies of Wondy” to kick butt. Of course I’m referring to Miss Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman and I have a complex past of sorts. Contrary to popular belief, I was once very anti-Wonder Woman because I absolutely hated the way she was portrayed in Justice League Unlimited. Until one day, I discovered the“War of the Gods” run and my whole opinion was changed. I started reading more and more about Wonder Woman, and yes, watched Lynda Carter on the cheesy (but AWESOME) old Wonder Woman show, and finally, I was hooked.

First of all, Wonder Woman is a goddess. Literally, an Amazon goddess. AND she’s a princess. Who happens to kick major ass. What’s cooler than that? She can also spin around and change her outfit.


If her powers and badassery aren’t enough to convince you how great Wonder Woman is, think about how iconic her costume is. Even people who have never read a comic book in their lives can recognize the star spangled booty from anywhere! (And it is a fabulous booty, too.)

Wonder Woman is an inspiration to women and girls alike, and I believe this scene from the Wonder Woman animated feature best describes what a positive influence and role model she truly is. In this scene, Wonder Woman teaches a little girl how to swordfight and to stand up to gender discrimination.

Gotta respect the star spangled booty!

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