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It’s been quite the month of the female variety here at the Evil Lair. No, not in the way you think…you pervs. Women’s History month has been going strong and the Geeks have been trying their best to provide you with a Woman Warrior every day. I know I may have been slacking compared to Lillith, who is a freaking machine, but you should all have known that I would have to do one on my favorite Shield Maiden. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my future battle wife Lagertha.

lagertha 1

What can I even say that she hasn’t said with her sword and shield already? Lagertha is not your typical woman. She excels in nearly everything that a man in Viking society can achieve or produce, and even has the added aspect of beauty with battle scars. Granted, life has not been too easy on Lagertha, but any challenge thrown in front of her, she will conquer it or deal with it as best she can. Poor Knut, you just had to try and get frisky with her. That’s why you got all jacked up. Lucky it was her and not Ragnar that settled the score. Not to say that Ragnar would need to, as Lagertha usually has things taken care of, but you know what I mean.

Lagertha is a shield maiden, which in Norse terms is essentially a female Viking. They go out on raids, they kill, they protect, and they swing weapons with the best of them. They aren’t even second class to the regular Vikings either, as they are shown just as much respect and sometimes even more so because of what they have to prove to be considered a shield maiden. Lagertha is famed among the Viking community as being a shield maiden of renowned prowess and beauty. Being married to the most popular Viking (Ragnar) also has its benefits, but even if he wasn’t there, she would still be feared and respected. She’s so badass. In the first season, which you can catch all the recaps here at EvilGeeks.com, Lagertha was a very central character in all of the turmoil and issues brought up by the previous Jarl. When Ragnar hit a very low bottom after Lagertha gives birth to a stillborn son, who do you think picks him up? That’s right, the lady who just gave birth and had to deal with one of the most horrific things that can happen to a woman. How is that for strength? While Ragnar was in his cups (I love that term) Lagertha essentially ran the village, and did a pretty good job of it until he regained his senses, and when he’s gone, she kept on taking care of everything and everyone. Nobody seems to bat an eye at it either, because they know Lagertha will gut the fuck out of them.

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Now, its not to say that Lagertha has had an easy life, as you have already noticed, but he makes the best of what she can, and she does what is needed to be done. For example, after the first season’s issues and Ragnar’s actions towards the end of the season, Lagertha is understandably upset and furious. She leaves Ragnar, and takes Bjorn with her, which saddened my previously beating heart. I thought we wouldn’t see her again for a long time, or even at all, but I should have known better. Lagertha returns to us, but not in Ragnar’s arms, but another’s….who I fucking hate. Sorry for the vulgarity, but you should be used to it by now from me. Fuck that guy. I honestly thought it was the worst decision she could have made, as he is abusive and doesn’t seem to care about Lagertha as a person as much as he likes her body, which he supposedly owns. No, guy. You don’t own her. Things come to a boil one night as he tries to take her forcefully, and Lagertha, being who she is, beats the living fuck out of him and essentially emasculates him. I love it so much. Watching that scene made me yell at my television in joy. I knew that after that attack and the fact that Kattegat was in trouble, Lagertha would not be able to stay back and watch as her past is destroyed by Jarl Borg, and neither would Bjorn. She and Bjorn make their way back to Ragnar, and my heart pumped once before going back into sleep mode. Frodo surviving his ordeal didn’t have the same sort of impact this reunion scene had on me. I don’t know what it is….I’m a sucker for returns.

vikings reunion

The thing about Lagertha is that she doesn’t have to be the sort of woman that Hollywood is telling us that she needs to be. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I can’t stand prissy girls in film and television. Something about them infuriates me. Not because they are prissy, but because they allow themselves to be, which is wrong. You can pick any of the women profiled this month to find exceptions, but it will never die. For example, and sticking with Vikings, Aslaug is the daughter of one of the most legendary and prolific Vikings, Sigurd, yet she is so opposed to surviving and getting dirty to live that it’s ridiculous. You need to keep your kids alive and you are complaining because there’s dirt on the floor. It’s out of control. Lagertha wouldn’t say shit. She would revel in it and make the best out of the whole thing….which she does when she returns….with warriors, and Bjorn, and fuck yes.

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I hope I didn’t ramble on too much about Lagertha like a teenager with a crush. I just seem to be drawn to powerful women in television and all sorts of media, and the fact that she can swing a sword with the best of them just makes it better. Here’s to you Lagertha, and Kathryn Winnick who plays the character. You have captured our hearts, and our minds with your Shield Maiden ways.

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