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the-walking-dead-season-4-episode-15-norman-reedusWell Evil Geeks, after an episode like last week’s, we definitely need a little bit of an emotional break.  Being this late in the season though, of course The Walking Dead isn’t going to stop bombarding us with the feels, but luckily this week we get a happy ending as opposed to the whiskey bottle draining ending that we (and Lizzy of course) met last week.  Seriously, sales of Prozac must have skyrocketed this week after that depression fest.  Onward and upward zombie heads!



Being the safety nut that he is, Glen slumbers peacefully on the railroad tracks.

So who exactly are the titular “Us” the episode title refers to this week? Well take your pick: it could be the individual scattered groups that are slowly starting to come together again, it could be Darryl’s new group of “Friends”, it could be the Pinheads from Freaks just screwing with you (One of us! One of us!), but most likely it’s referring to all of the characters as a whole; as in “For better or for worse, ALL of US are headed toward TerminUS.” After this episode, everyone…and I mean EVERYONE is headed for the advertised haven of Terminus.  “Great,” you’re probably thinking “everybody will finally be reunited (and it feels SOOOOOOO good)!” Well, yes and no. Everyone from the prison who managed to survive will be reunited, but Darryl’s new traveling companions might prove to be a blemish on the perfection that Terminus is promising.


Back when Rick bumped into the bandits that Darryl now finds himself with, one of the guys in the crew got a glimpse of Rick’s face before losing consciousness. Before he slipped out of the house, Rick strangled one of the men and basically pulled the zombie apocalypse version of an Upper Decker: leaving a corpse in the bathroom to zombify, then attack the rest of the bandits.  Wouldn’t you know, they didn’t take to kindly to that act. The bandits, led by the creepy and in no way trustworthy Joe, are on Rick’s trail with the intent of settling the score.  Upon seeing signs for Terminus, Joe and the others assume Rick must also be heading there, so they begin making heading for the town.  For a moment, I thought the men might be in some way affiliated with Terminus, but after hearing Joe speak of his doubts regarding the claims of it being a safe haven, that doesn’t appear to be the case. If the revenge minded marauders find Rick in Terminus, shit could get hairy real quickly.


If that were how things went down, I don’t think there’s a question as to what side Darryl would be fighting for.  It’s obvious that Darryl isn’t really on board with Joe and his men.  He seems to be hanging around for protective purposes, since in this world if you’re alone you’re as good as dead, but I think he’s mainly staying in hopes of getting information on the location of the one prison survivor who presumably isn’t on her way to Terminus at the moment. It doesn’t seem that one of Joe’s men was responsible for Beth’s apparent kidnapping, but since the perpetrator seemed to be well supplied (he was driving a car, which requires getting gas from somewhere), it’s not out of the question that they were from Terminus. If they we’re though, chances are they wouldn’t have taken her there since it might attract unwanted attention. Or just maybe not everyone is horrible and Beth willingly got in the car and was taken to Terminus by someone who didn’t have ill will towards her.  I’d say that’s a longshot, but sometimes when you’re expecting the worst, something good actually happens.

After spending all of the season separated Glen and Maggie are finally reunited with one another and for a few brief moments all was right with the world.  After The Grove, we needed something to pick us up a bit and seeing those two reunited was a welcome refrain from soul crushing misery. We also get a brief look into the town of Terminus at the very end of the episode. While everything seems serene and calm on the outside, something didn’t seem quite right to me.  I’m not buying the claims of safety for all. How was it that a group of 8 armed people were able to walk right into the town and make it inside quite a ways before finally coming across a human being? Aren’t there guards? Why aren’t the gates locked? Something just didn’t seem on the up and up.  Plus, with the dose of happiness we got this week, does anyone else feel like we’re being set up for some crazy, heartbreaking, downright shocking shit to go down in the finale?  I don’t see this season going out with a whimper, but instead with a big, mind-blowing thrill ride. Whatever happens Evil Geeks, whatever the body count, you know we’ll be here with one last Zombie Round Up for season 4.  See you then!

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