Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Princess Leia

Princess Leia probably more than anyone else on this list helped set the archetype for the woman warrior in the geek and nerd culture.


What I always admired about her character was the fact that as a person of power and influence she was using her position for the greater good of mankind. She was regal and classy but was willing to get into the trenches (or trash compactor) herself if need be. She never rested on her laurels. Make no mistake; Leia Organa is a tough as nails badass. I don’t think many people would have the will power and determination to stand strong against a threat of having the entire planet they were raised on decimated…in front of them. She didn’t budge a single inch though and stood her ground. That says a lot.

It’s equally impressive to me that it never felt like she was playing second fiddle to outer space’s scruffiest looking nerf herder. Han Solo may be one of the most popular characters in all of sci-fi but Leia could take his insults and dish them right back out. The scene where she asks Luke “aren’t you a little short to be a Storm Trooper?” sums it up perfectly. It might be the definitive Leia moment, in the face of unknown danger she insults them.


I wish the movies did more to flesh out the Jedi side of her character. I know she only finds out towards the end of Return Of The Jedi but we never get to see her come to terms with that or Darth Vader being her father. It’s a pretty heavy reveal after all. Maybe with her being involved with Episode 7 in some degree we will finally get to see her reflect on Aanakin’s legacy.

Check back with us tomorrow as we highlight another women warrior.

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