Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Willow Rosenberg

Happy Sunday Evil Geeks! Our Women’s History Month Warriors feature has given us the opportunity to talk about some very powerful ladies.  However today’s honoree ranks right up there with the heaviest of heavy hitters.  When she’s not pulling down straight A’s in school, she’s facing off against vampires, demons, and monsters of all sorts.  I first wrote about Willow Rosenberg way back in our Top 5 Geek Crushes article waaaay back when, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about my Geek crush who could actually crush me with a flick of her wrist.

Vampire_Willow_RosenbergWhere do I start with Willow? She looks and pretty much is the sweetest, nicest person you could imagine.  She looks like the type of girl who catches ants and spiders instead of killing them when she finds them in her home.  She’s an experienced practitioner of Wiccan magic, providing much-needed protection for Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang; a group formidable enough on their own with a Slayer as their leader, made that much more powerful with Willow counted among their ranks.  Just because she’s nice, doesn’t mean she’s a pushover though, so stay on her good side.  Not so deep beneath the mousy, twee facade lurks a super being so powerful, she nearly destroyed the entire world in response to the death of her beloved Tara.

How powerful is Dark Willow? Potent enough to tear the skin off of Warren (the wannabe supervillain responsible for gunning down Tara), like someone would fling off an extra sheet on a bed.  Powerful enough to ABSORB magic spells out of ancient texts without even reading the words.  Mighty enough to destroy the entire planet with the recitation of a spell. Strong enough to face a god and live to tell the tale. Way more powerful than even Buffy. Seriously, she brought Buffy back from the freaking DEAD! In fact she’s so powerful, the Scooby gang technically never even beat her (they basically got lucky when Xander reminded Dark Willow of the story about Good Willow’s reaction to accidentally breaking her crayon back in kindergarten, causing her to come to her senses). Powerful enough to outlive every single member of the Scooby gang (read the Season 8 comic if you haven’t already!). You’d think that the saccharine personality of Good Willow wouldn’t be a match wouldn’t be a match for the world destroying Darth Rosenberg, but the kind, gentle part of Willow holds back the monster locked inside of her on a daily basis.

WillowMagicIn addition to working magic with the wiccan arts, she’s also a wiz when it comes to computers.  Willow is super, super, SUPER smart. Like “Hey, come work for the US Government” level of smart.  I suppose that propensity of being able to study math and science for hours on end prepared her for spending hours and hours poring over spell books later in life.  Willow may have pulled off some seriously astounding feats of magic in her time (including re-instilling Angel’s soul and granting full slayer powers to every single potential slayer on Earth), it seems even Wil has her limits.  It took her years to turn Amy back into a human after she had turned herself into a rat. She couldn’t cure Oz of being a werewolf. And if she were REALLY handy with magic, couldn’t she have helped Angel out by giving Connor a serious attitude adjustment? Or hey, maybe even locating Angel after Connor dumped him on the ocean? Nobody’s perfect though, so I’ll let those slide; especially since she can kill me with nothing more than a thought. Even though she has a dark side that peeks out from time to time, the fact the good part of her is the stronger part makes her a role model for girls everywhere.  We’ve all got our bad sides; if Willow can keep hers in check then anyone can. For commanding such an unbelievable level of power all while being that dedicated to walking the straight and narrow, we honor Willow Rosenberg as one of our Women’s History Month Warriors!

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