The Vikings: Season 2 – Episode 4: Eye for an Eye


Welcome back all of my brothers and sisters in arms. It’s time once again to draw steel and unleash a dose of sweet, sweet raiding action. Last week blew our minds with Ragnar raiding and Kattegat getting taken over by Jarl Borg.Rollo did what he could to defend, but the numbers were just too stacked. We also caught up with Lagertha and Bjorn, who has grown approximately 10 feet since the last time we saw him. So what do we have in store for this week? From the looks of it we may be in for a bit of a reunion, and a bit of vengeance. I hope you brought a change of clothes, because it’s about to rain blood.

We open up with Rollo and the ladies looking for a place to rest for a bit, and the poor guy seems to be having some difficulties in keeping everyone happy. I don’t know what Aslaug is expecting… a comfort Inn? She needs to calm it down. I understand she has kids and all, but times is tough for everyone. We come to Jarl Borg addressing his new subjects and giving them a rousing speech. He seems to be rather upfront in letting them know he wants Ragnar dead, but doesn’t seem like he’ll be a terrible ruler. Time will tell. The Seer makes another appearance, and is graced by Jarl Borg in an attempt to look into his future a bit. An eagle surrounds him, and in my personal opinion, this eagle is going to be Bjorn, and I he is going to be the one to gut Borg if it comes to it. I don’t know why, and I could be completely wrong, but I just have a feeling.

rollo looking out

King Ecbert let’s his guests know that he would like to talk with the Vikings, but in order to do so, they will need to exchange hostages. Ecbert offers up his own son, and his reasoning is pretty sound in the more important, the safer they are. This guy. He’s a tricksy one. We better keep an eye on him. Siggy and Aslaug have a nice little powwow, and to be honest, Asalug is acting slightly too pampered. It’s a bit ridiculous given the circumstances. I really do love the music of this show. It just seems to fit perfectly. Ragnar enters as the chosen hostage, because he’s fucking Ragnar, and true warriors take responsibility. Ragnar, even though he is supposedly the one of lesser intelligence compared to the more civilized Christians, seems to be more in tune with gaining intelligence and knowledge on everything he encounters. He’s always asking questions, and he is just wants to know everything. That is why he is such a great leader compared to the Jarl from the first season. He is unable to remain stagnant. I love it.

We finally have our meeting with Ecbert and Ragnar, and Ecbert is showing his true ambitions. Ragnar lets him know that he is simply a farmer, and Ecbert guesses that if he gave him some land, they could come to a sort of agreement. Ragnar lets him know possibly, and a truce may be in order. Just as we thought things were looking up, a boat of King Horik shows up and lets our raiders know that Kattegat has been taken over, and Jarl Borg is responsible. Oh Shit….vengeance…. We come back from commercial with Ragnar packing up and getting ready to head back for battle as King Horik lets him know that if he lets Athelstan stay he can set up a deal with Ecbert. Athelstan says he’ll stay to help, which confuses Ragnar. I can see how he would want to help in the raiding process, but he probably should have gone to help Ragnar regain Kattegat. Oh Athelstan, let’s hope you made the right decision.

king ecbert 2

Bjorn is a big dude guys. I’m excited to see him throw down some steel and lop off some heads. They heard about Ragnar’s lands being overtaken, and Bjorn wants to help, but Lagertha seems to be hesitant. I can see why considering how she feels about Ragnar at the moment. Rollo lets Siggy know that he found a few buddies to help let Borg know that he’ll never feel safe in Kattegat. YES. Rollo also lets us know that he regrets turning on Ragnar deeply, which is a huge step forward. He was always a bit off about going against his brother, and some guys make mistakes. Shit happens, we get over it, and we slice an artery or two. Moving on. I want to bash Lagertha’s new husband’s face in so bad. Everything about him just screams kill me, and I wish I could. You don’t own Lagertha, guy. She owns herself. FINALLY! Lagertha fucks his ass up and lets him know the deal. I have a feeling this won’t end well, although Bjorn heard everything. DO IT BJORN. Murder his ass. I apologize if I sound slightly enthusiastic about the murder of a fictional person, but just remember, he is not real(the character, not the actor,) so I can make as many threats as possible. Besides, how many times have all of you wished that you could Last Action Hero yourself into the screen and strangle the fuck out of Joffrey from Thrones? That’s what I thought.

Back from commercial again and the men left behind are feasting and singing in the rain. Athelstan takes a slight break to head back to his tent, and he seems to be interested in the bible again. Floki would flip if he found out. Athelstan opens it up and blood starts to pour out of it, and a thousand death metal bands are born. Aslaug isn’t too adaptive to the harsher environments of the road, and begins having some hallucinations. I know I talk a lot of shit about her, but I think she will have her moment. Like I’ve said before, I’m just biased towards Lagertha. Ragnar makes it back to his lands, and asks Floki’s girl where his family is. Apparently, during the voyage back, they lost some boats and some men, and Floki is haunted by it. That’s a pretty big blow. There aren’t that many men to begin with, and that stacks the odds in favor of Borg even more. This is going to get interesting. The bloodshed I am anticipating is progressively escalating in my hopes and dreams. I can’t wait to see some steel clashing against steel in righteous vengeance.

We come back from commercial with our remaining Vikings on a hunt for some food, and unfortunately run into a trap. Arrows flying from everywhere and nowhere scatter the group, and Athelstan is left on his own as he runs to safety. I’ll tell you what, the guy knows how to run fast. After passing out, he waked up to arrows all around his head, and the soldiers are surprised to see him speaking their language. Good thing he’s bilingual. Ragnar finally finds his family, and he’s greeted by his sons and Aslaug carrying his new child. He made it there pretty quick, and is finally able to look upon his new son’s face and gnarly eye. Is it wrong for me to want that too? I’m not entirely sure if it comes with complications, but it looks gnarly. We get a reunion of brothers, and Ragnar seems pissed, which is understandable. He wants Borg dead and buried at his feet, but there is just no soldiers in the area able to help. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be.


We come back from our last commercial for the evening with Jarl Borg being informed that Ragnar is back, to which he says he’s happy. Borg lets us all know that he is going to be the one that kills Ragnar, which sets his soldiers ablaze with battlelust. Now, right after this we are treated to probably the most brutal thing we have ever seen in this show…The Crucifixion of Athelstan, crown of thorns and all. This is seriously fucked up, and I honestly thought that he would be around a lot longer than this. He is hoisted up, but just in the nick of time, Ecbert shows up and stops the whole thing. Athelstan gets cut down, and I am super relieved, but not as much as Athelstan. The end of the episode brings us something I’ve been waiting for all season, the reunion of Lagertha, Bjorn and Ragnar. My heart swells with pride and happiness at the reunion, which is odd because it hasn’t beaten in days. Ragnar remarks at Bjorn’s size, and the family is brought together once more in defense and vengeance. How the fuck could this show get any better? Lagertha even shows us a hint of a smile that tells us even she is happy to be back.

vikings reunion

What an episode. I know there wasn’t any battle or much blood, barring Athelstan’s crucifixion, but we set up quite a few things for the future. The possible truce between Ragnar and Ecbert, and the following hunt of the remaining Vikings could be a severe issue for everyone. Borg is going to have hell to pay, and Ragnar’s family just keeps growing. It’s going to be a tough wait until next week, but somehow we will do it, and then be treated with battle for our patience. Now, onwards onto glory. For Ragnar! For Odin! And for Asgard!

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