Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Susie Derkins

Before there was Hermione Granger there was Susie Derkins. The perfect girl next door, Susie Derkins is the next door neighbor to Calvin from the infamous comic Calvin and Hobbes. Susie and Calvin have quite an interesting and pretty much spiteful relationship, but I always loved the comic strips that featured Susie, especially because of her personality traits.


Oh how I love Susie. She’s smart, loves school (I used to joke I had the Susie Derkins complex growing up as I always was excited come the start of a new school year), and she’s independent. And she holds her own even though she ends up being excluded from Calvin’s club G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid of Slimy Girls).


Even Hobbes caves sometimes and can’t help participating in some of Susie’s playtime. Susie Derkins definitely deserves some recognition this Women’s History Month.

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