Evil Geek’s Women’s History Month Warriors: Samus Aran

Incoming Transmission: Space Pirates have infested the Chozo ruins. Countless relics and historical artifacts have been compromised. Ridley has returned…the Metroids have been set loose, and the planet is dying. Samus…..you know what to do…..

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Welcome one and welcome all to Women’s History Month. I know the other geeks have been providing you (especially Lillith, you work wolf you) with some powerful and very important ladies over the last couple weeks. I have unfortunately been unable to throw my hat into this pool, until today that is. While thinking of which woman to choose for my piece of this pie that is Women’s History Month, I was sorely lacking in decision making abilities. Who would I choose? There are so many wonderful women in the world of comics, movies, games and everything in between, so you can see the challenge in choosing the proper one. On a tip from Biff, he reminded me of my absolute love of all things Metroid, and I felt like an idiot because I didn’t see it earlier. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Samus Aran.

samus zero suit

What’s not to love about a space bounty hunter with one of the most powerful and amazing suits in all of media? Nothing! That’s what. Samus has solidified her place in all of our hearts by doing what guys can do, just better. In a universe filled with bounty hunters and space pirates, when a tough job needs to get done, you don’t call in just anyone….you call in Samus. Able to deal with situations and environments that would literally blister off my face, Samus jumps head first into any challenge and conquers it with such grace and powerful style. I could write an article just on her suit if given the chance, but today it takes a backseat to the driver of this piece of hardware.

Samus was first introduced to us in 1986, and much like everyone else on the planet, I thought she was a man. Granted, back then it was somewhat difficult to tell who was a pixelated girl and who was a pixelated guy, and even more so when the power suit was involved. Imagine the shock of every gamer who went through all of Metroid thinking Samus was a guy, and then come to realize after beating it that you were playing as a girl who could kick everyone’s ass? It was slightly jarring to most people, but amazing at the same time. It hadn’t really been done before. Usually with games back then you had a male protagonist, even today as well, so it was nice and slightly shocking that you were playing the entire game as a girl, and you didn’t even know it.

samus 1

Now all that aside, let’s get to why Samus is an amazing female character, besides the fact that she makes Princess Peach seem even more helpless. Samus exceeds in an area that is predominantly male heavy, and she does it to the point where she is the most feared and respected bounty hunter in the galaxy. Always getting the job done, and never showing any fear in where she was going. Oh, is that a frozen planet that has had not a single degree in millennia? Is it filled with ravenous creatures that want to kill you and eat your flesh while you watch? Are there insects with more legs, fangs and teeth than 30 spiders duct taped to 40 bees strapped to the back of an eyeless bird that shoots blood blisters and plasma at you? There is only one thing that goes through Samus’s mind when presented with something like that….. I NEED TO BE ABOUT THAT. If presented with a mission that involved me taking a shirt off of a hanger, I would bitch and moan that it’s like….what….15 feet away? Samus literally has no qualms about heading into the most dangerous of territories, and then beating the shit out of it efficiently.

Samus is the type of character that just dominates the field of men and women. She doesn’t have the sort of power that say, an X-Woman or any comic woman may have, but her suit lets her keep up with most threats, to the point where even if the Phoenix showed up, she would show Samus some guddang respect. Samus, even though she is a powerful warrior, also has a softer/ motherly side….let me explain. The main threat for Samus in the Metroid series are the actual Metroids. Space Pirates and other creatures are definite threats, but none so much as the metroids. Life sucking creatures that show no mercy or remorse, they have been a constant thorn in Samus’s side…..but she isn’t heartless. At the end of Metroid 2, she encounters a hatchling Metroid, and thinking that it is its mother, the hatchling bonds with Samus, and a sort of friendship is born, and although neither of them knew it at the time, this Metroid would save Samus’s life multiple times. I won’t say how, and I won’t say when, so as to save you guys some spoilers, but it happens, and Samus’s shows her heartfelt side when thinking about the Metroid. Metroid has never been a story driven game for the most part, but they made it a point to let us know that even though Samus is battle hardened, she is not heartless. I love it. The most brutal and heartwrenching thing in media to me is being saved by your worst enemy. Think about it. You spend your whole life hunting and killing something that is so dangerous that there is no way to let them live, yet one of them saves your life. It’s going to have a lasting effect on anyone involved in that situation. If a frost giant came down right now in front of my house and saved my life while I was battling Fire Giants on my front lawn….I would have quite a bit of thinking to do.

history of samus

Samus is hands down one of my favorite ladies in all of comics, games and any other type of media. There is just something about her that screams power and grace, and like mentioned earlier, the fact that she shows absolutely no fear in situations that would require a change of pants is so badass to me. The suit, the fearlessness, the power, the grace and everything in between that makes up Samus is just so endearing to me. I love it and I love her. Anytime a new Metroid game is announced, I immediately get all prickly because I love the sense of exploration and the sense of adventure that the Metroid games exude. Here’s to you Samus….you beautiful, fearless woman.

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